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Eli is DS' Whimsicott.


Eli is easily frightened and usually seems to be nervous about something. When he later resolved to change himself, he developed an aspect representing the kind of Pokémon he wished to be, a Pokémon who did not let fear get in his way.

Abilities in battle

Eli's ability is Prankster. In most battles, his strategies usually involve inducing status effects and using Leech Seed, before using his grass type attacks.


DS received Eli from Fool as an egg, he later hatched in Cherrygrove City a few days after DS and Wolf went to Johto.

In the AU

It is not known if Eli exists in the AU.


  • Is close to DS, like her other Pokémon.
  • Considers Candida and Sunburst to be his sisters, even if the latter sometimes scares him.
  • Is also friends with Cambria.
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