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Thomas Wolf is a trainer from Ecruteak and one of the early members of the J-Team. He joined during the Unova Arc, when he was searching for info about the Sabot Warriors for Steven. He was later revealed to be an 'M thrall for several years until he broke free a few days before the proto J-Team reached Unova. He has a younger sister named Katie.

Wolf's Team
On Hand: Ninetales038Mini.pngVaporeon134Mini.pngDragonair148Mini.pngSwoobat528Mini.pngSniffles614Mini.pngMarduk555Mini.pngRen495Mini.pngLudwig055Mini.pngJasmine044Mini.pngJenny132Mini.pngKessie198Mini.pngKensei502Mini.pngAlbur608Mini.pngIvy154Mini.pngFleece180Mini.pngMax133Mini.pngScarlett130Mini.pngPigwidgeon163Mini.pngSkywalker373Mini.pngAnakin006Mini.pngObi-Wan025Mini.pngIan196Mini.pngWeavile461Mini.pngEmpoleon395Mini.pngElectivire466Mini.pngHatbox430Mini.png
As last seen in: Ecruteak, Johto