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Name: Solana Malkewitz
Gender: Female
Sexuality: -
Age: 20
Ethnicity: -
Birthday: -
Home: Pinwheel Forest/Dewford Town
Nickname: Fool
Pokéform: Simipour
Starter: Michelle

Fool is a 20 year old Pokémon trainer born in Dewford Town, Hoenn but raised in Pinwheel Forest, Unova. In the main timeline, she joined up with the J-Team in Castelia claiming that she wanted to see all four corners of the earth.


Fool was born to a rather rich family that lived in Dewford Town. However, when her parents were traveling around Unova with her, they were mysteriously killed by an unseen force. She was later found that day by the chief of a local Simipour tribe, who adopted her as her own daughter. It was here she met her adopted sister Michelle, her best friend, Roderich and her mentor Satine.

It was in this life she learned the basics. Climbing trees, gathering berries, making tools, beating intruders up and participating in tribal warfare. It was in this period of time she stole a frying pan from one unfortunate Ranger. Which became her primary means of cooking and attack even when becoming a Pokemon trainer.


Two Worlds

Now what?

Becoming a Trainer

In the AU

Fool in other known timelines

  • In one timeline, Fool is a rich girl with both of her parents alive. Here, she is also a Water Type Monotrainer and a chronic drunk.


  • Even though Fool loves all her Pokemon dearly. She is closest to Michelle, Roderich and Satine.
  • Fool is currently dating Tagg
  • Fool is also considered to be somewhat of an adopted sibling by Wolf and Katie
  • Sol considers herself a mentor and older sister figure to Vierr and wants nothing more than to see him succeed in his Obscura training. While she wants nothing but the best for him, she can be a bit clueless at times due to her upbringing being more tailored to primate mons than humans.


  • In the PEFE her specialty is in primate mons due to her upbringing.
  • She is very likely to groom the object of her affections for lice, like any good primate.
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