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Obscura is the "dark" counterpart to Aura on the Auric Spectrum, though it has nothing to do with the personal morality of its users, and the fuel for TypeGhost.gif and TypeDark.gif type moves. Aside from attacks, Obscura mainly deals in illusion. While most illusions are merely parlor tricks, sufficient skilled Obscuric sensitives can create permanent illusions (Such as Fool creating Minty, Butterscotch, Cinnamon, and Vanilla) and Annoski's illusionary wards, which were capable of placing the whole of Sinnoh under Twilight.

Known Obscura Users

Known/Displayed Spectral (Ghost!Obscuric) Powers

  • Basic TypeGhost.gif or TypeDark.gif moves, such as Shadow Ball, Shadow Claw, and Shadow Punch
  • Creation of illusions, basic or complex. With sufficient power, an illusion can be brought to life
  • Astral travel while asleep
  • Manipulation of shadows
  • Necromancy (according to mythology)

Known/Displayed Dark!Obscuric Powers

  • Creation of Twilight (Highly advanced)
  • Creation of barriers
  • Enhanced night vision.
  • Illusions
  • Attacks such as Night Slash and Dark Pulse
  • Obscuric "ice" and "fire".