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Kan'al'colel: "With what little power I currently have, I can and will give you indigestion."
--RP, page 20500

Kan'al'colel (epithets include "the Auric King", "the Auric Queen", "Queen of Four Quarters", and others), or Kan'al for short, was a nonbinary ruler from [Central America] with control over all four parts of the Auric Spectrum. Due to many retellings of their story being reframed from one binary-gendered perspective or another, it is considered a folktale by most who hear it, although the original version of the story is indeed true.

Kan'al'colel was the original owner of the Auric Artifacts. They are currently inhabiting a ring associated with the artifacts, which is now being worn by Gudrunn.

They are an ancestor of Vierr and Nico, as well as playing a role in Salvador's ancestors' lives.


  • Vierr is one of their direct descendants.
  • Gudrunn apparently met them some time in the past, but Kan'al'colel themselves doesn't remember the meeting.


  • Kan'al'colel is lactose-intolerant, to the point that milk is effectively a weak poison to them. Even from inside the ring, they can't stand it, even if it's harmless.