Auric Artifacts

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The Auric Artifacts are a quintet of artifacts originally owned by Kan'al'colel that can bolster the Auric abilities of their holders, and also contains portions of their soul, but come with numerous dangerous downsides.

Orange Locket

The Orange Locket was originally metallic in color, but rusted over the centuries. It has the ability to give classical Aurics an enhanced healing factor and make them capable of surviving wounds that would otherwise prove fatal, but their holder gains a massive self-righteousness complex and becomes more and more obsessed with it over time. It was also the first of the Artifacts encountered by the J-Team.

The Orange Locket is currently in Cayenne Macraul's possession, but as she is not a classical Auric, she is not affected by it.

Known Orange Locket Bearers

Pink Diadem

The Pink Diadem was originally a headdress before its crest and embedded Key Stone came off. It has the ability to dull pain and increase the power of Psychics, but its holders become more emotionally detached the longer they have it in their possession.

The Pink Diadem is currently in Echo Lingua's possession, in an Aura Jammer field away from anyone's reach.

Known Pink Diadem Wearers

Black Chalice

The Black Chalice was originally silver in color, but the silver tarnished over the centuries. While it is believed to increase the power of Dark Obscurics, its more common use is to increase the natural charisma of its holder, but increase their arrogance.

The Black Chalice is currently being put to ill use by Gudrunn.

Known Black Chalice Bearers

Purple Sword

The Purple Sword, unlike the other three, suffered least from the passage of time and looks just like it did in the past during the present. Technically a macuahuitl with a base of purpleheart wood instead of a true sword, it greatly increases the power of Ghost Obscurics to levels on par with that of the Ghost Lord prior to his power lessening, but also grants increased megalomania and possession by the sword. However, Umbra himself never wielded it or had it possess him.

The Purple Sword is currently being put to ill use by Gudrunn.

Known Purple Sword Wielders

Gold Ring

Main article: Kan'al'colel's Ring

Unlike the other artifacts, the Gold Ring has no inherent power enhancements nor drawbacks. Instead, when it is worn by an Aura-sensitive individual, they can mentally communicate with Kan'al'colel themselves, as the largest portion of their spirit is imprisoned inside the ring. Kan'al'colel also has very little power from within the ring, but retains enough to bind their Aura to the one wearing the ring, and minorly inconvenience them when irritated.

The Gold Ring is currently being worn by Gudrunn.