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Name: Koro K. Geinoji
Nickname: Rolling
Gender: Male
Sexuality: -
Age: 25
Height: 5'11"
Ethnicity: -
Birthday: June 21, 1992
Home: Vermilion City, Kanto(born Abroad into a family circus)
Pokéform: Gengar
Starter: Bach

Koro has been missing along side his sableye, Igor, for for nearly five years, his pokemon have kept his circus running after having set up for a long term stay just outside pewter city. Omelet has been acting as both the interpreter and and ring master for the Rolling circus.


Koro received his first Pokémon on his fifth birthday as a gift and a pet, a Smeargle puppy who had just hatched from its egg, whom he named Bach. Alongside the Smeargle puppy, he received an ocarina. He had such a love for music, performance, and Bach. For some reason, he had a much greater love for music than the normal Smeargle's love of art. They bonded almost instantly. They were happy for three years, learning music and acrobatics, until a Team Rocket attack ended in his parent's death. In his grief, Koro ran away rather than going to an orphanage.

After about two days of performing with Bach for meals and money they ended up in a forest outside of Cerulean City, in which they ran into Darkrai while it was still wandering. Koro was terrified by Darkrai's menacing form, noticing that Bach got between Koro and the Nightmare Pokémon, in retaliation Darkrai only said, "Fear not young one, I mean you no harm. I simply sensed your grief, and thought might want need another friend, other than just your loyal companion." Now that Koro could see that Darkrai wasn't going to hurt him, he wasn't afraid anymore. They played together until nightfall when Darkrai fled and left Koro with only memories of a black knight Pokémon and a phrase in his heart that left nothing but compassion, "I thought you might need a friend." After that he continued travelling and recruiting new companions, all the while never capturing one by force, and while each of his companions do have a Ball he doesn't require them to go in unless they absolutely want.

Now, after twelve years of travel, he is the founder and ring master of the Rolling Circus of Pokémon: a travelling performance troupe of Pokémon. He has also learned the language of Pokémon after much tutoring from his Togepi, Omelet.

Koro's Traveling companions


The Rolling Circus's acts

-Opening Act-Bach- High Wire Musician

Bach Plays music while he crosses a tight rope on occasion Koro/Rolling Joins in singing along with a special song.

-Act 2-Omelet-Stongmon show

Omelet uses Telepathy to lift and Throw real large weights, After doing so the Togepi points out a member of the audience and lifts them in the same manner.

-Act 3-Doppler-Weather Clown

Doppler uses his limmited control of weather to have antics and play tricks on the audience.

-Act 4-Phelps- Hockey lapras?

Phelps use Ice beam to create an ice rink and plays a game of Ice hockey with a few willing members of the audience.

-Act 5-Television- Life sized Puppeteer

T.V. uses Life sized puppets of the legendary pokemon such as Mewtwo, Darkrai, and Mew and speakers around the arena to interact with the audience

-Act 6-Igor- Illusionist

Igor performs a show with illusions and if a audience members wish they can try and navigate an illusionary maze conjured by Igor

-Final Act-"Rolling" and Bach-The High Wire Battle *upon Koro's return this act will resume*

The troupe puts up a net under the tight rope, and "Rolling" invites a volunteer from the audience and one of their pokemon to join him and Bach on the tight rope to participate in a special battle in which the winner doesn't fall into the net below them.

The High Wire Battle

This is much like any other battle with a few exceptions. The first of these exceptions is the fact that it's fought on a tight rope with a strong net underneath to prevent injury to the trainers and Pokémon, the next is the battle can end in two ways: a Pokémon can either be knocked out or can fall off the tight rope. The final exception is the Rolling Cirus will only ever send its ring leader Koro/Rolling, and its original member, Bach, to the high wire.


  • Koro is in a makeshift family with his Pokemon.
  • Koro is friends with a Mew from Kanto who took the form of Darkrai in order help him carry on.


Both Omelet and Doppler call Koro, Mom as he hatched them and he was the first thing they saw.

Koro's Team
On Hand: Bach235Mini.png -- Omelet175Mini.png -- Phelps131Mini.png -- T.V.479Mini.png -- Doppler351DopplerMini.png -- Igor302Mini.png
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