Shaun Sapphire

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Name: Shaun Sapphire
Nickname: Shaunzo
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Age: 22
Height: 5'10" (1.778 m)
Ethnicity: Unovan/Sinnohan
Birthday: June 19, 1999
Attribute: N/A
Trainer ID: 019166
Home: Sunyshore City, Sinnoh
Pokéform: Decidueye
Starter: Tsunami
Status: Alive

Shaun Sapphire

Shaun Sapphire is the primary Player Character of SwiftSeraph.


Shaun is a tall, lanky young man. He has an androgynous face with freckles. His hair is black and stops just above his lower back, usually in a ponytail. and he has stormy blue-grey eyes. His skin is very pale, barely any tan to it. A scruffy black goatee rests on his chin, his only facial hair. His ears are both pierced, usually with silver hoops in; on the right of his back is a tattoo of a Staraptor wing.

Shaun's current standard "casual" outfit is a violet t-shirt, a pair of torn black denim jeans, a gray trench coat with a gold trim and accents, a dark gray scarf, a pair of black hiking boots, a black backpack, black teashades, a pair of black fingerless gloves that go up to the elbow,and a black belt with Poké Ball holders.

Shaun's Galar League outfit is a replica of Champion Cynthia's signature outfit, minus the headpiece. The back of the coat is emblazoned with a purple "413" and a silver, stitched signature from Cynthia.

Shaun has a variety of outfits for other occasions, notably a collection of longcoats, a nice suit complete with tailcoat and top hat, and various sets of armor, such as one made to resemble an oni.


Shaun's Aurabolt alter ego. Dressed in gray rags and leather armor, and a gray cloak. Two crossbows mounted on his wrists as weapons. His mask is split into two halves - a black cloth mask with a print of smiling, sharp teeth, and a more hi-tech set of goggles.


Shaun's non-Aurabolt vigilante persona. Wears white leather armor, a white scarf, and a Froslass-inspired cloak.


He is witty, intelligent, and kind, yet also proud, snarky, argumentative and hot-tempered. He hates people who mistreat Pokémon and takes good care of his team. When he fights, he pushes his team to their limits, but makes sure to not overwork them. He's the kind of person who respects others, but lives by his own rules.


Pre Debut

Shaun's just an average kid from Sunyshore, born to an Unovan father and a Sinnohan mother. Raised by them, his parents' Eeveelutions Amethyst and Blue Moon, and his godfather, he lived a happy content life, despite how...eventful life could be. He was homeschooled by his mother and Amethyst, who taught him many things, including Monese. On his tenth birthday, he began an apprenticeship with Marshall. As much as he enjoyed helping with the breeding and caregiving, he wanted more in his life. His wish came true on his thirteenth birthday when he received a Piplup egg, a Premier Ball, and 5 Poké Balls. After the egg hatched, he made it his goal to train and build a team and enter the Sinnoh Hall of Fame. He came close, but didn't get to challenge Cynthia. Undeterred, he and his team decided a change of scenery was needed and they would return to defeat the Elite Four, so they headed to Alola, where, unbeknownst to them, much lay in store...


During this arc, Shaun did his trials, joined the J-Team, and got caught up in various shennanigans. He managed to become Champion of Alola during this arc, and succesfully defeated Cynthia and became champion of Sinnoh during the interim between this arc and the next one.



Other Universes


In the AU, Shaun grew up rather differently than his OU counterpart. As a result of DS's failure to calm Giratina, he and his family had to flee Sinnoh, opting to leave for Unova, as his father used to live there. Eventually, however, the events of the Alternate Timeline arc and the Draconic Uprising arc took place. During the former, Shaun became separated from his family, having only his two Pokémon and two of Marshall's with him. Whilst he was on the run, hiding the best he could, his mother and her Espeon were killed, and his godfather lost a leg. At some point near the end of the war he found two eggs, which turned out to contain the reincarnated forms of his mother and Amethyst. Between the two arcs his life obtained some semblance of normalcy. Cue Draconic Uprising. Shaun woke up as a Starly, his AU!Pokéform. Horrible death and destruction, gaining his scar, et cetera et cetera.

As a result of the two wars, AU!Shaun became much more cynical and jaded. He stayed at home all the time, angry with the world. Team Locke changed that. When Shaun traveled with them, he eventually softened and realized that there are things worth fighting and living for.


Shaun grew up to marry Jessica and eventually settled down on a ranch. He fathered two twin children - Kaiiseii and Isbrand - and ensured they lived happy, fulfilling lives, doting on them and providing them with whatever they wanted and needed.

Like most of the population, Shaun was killed by the Beast. Rather than being butchered in his sleep, however, he died fighting with Jessica and their Pokémon so that his children could flee - the final sacrifice this version of Shaun would ever make for his kids.

Battle Techniques

  • When directing Pokémon in battle, focuses on targeting opponents' weaknesses and suprising them with on-the-spot strategies.
  • Trained in unarmed combat, specifically from street fighting.
  • Master of the bow.
  • Semi-skilled in the blade.
  • A powerful Obscuric, who hones one technique at a time. His known techniques include:
    • Auric Constructs. In addition to making weapons, this allows him to use Spirit Shackle in human form, both for combat and as a spectral Hookshot.
      • Arrow Raid - a variant of Shaun's Spirit Shackle, he emulates the Decidueye's signature Z-Move by summoning a swarm of spectral arrows and firing them at an enemy.
    • Aura Infusal, to increase his strength.
      • Witch Walking.
    • Shadow Teleportation. Shaun's variant of the technique is short-ranged, only allowing him to move into shadows he can see, and is one his most draining techniques, usually requiring help from a Nexus or Midna for more than a few jumps.
    • "Twinned Souls", the melodramatic name for Shaun's knowledge of drawing on the Obscura of another. Generally used by letting Midna possess him, increasing the potency of his Obscura as well as his reserves.
    • An unnamed technique, seen during times of extreme stress. Shaun grows a set of shadowy Decidueye wings and gains a huge boost to his power, but was very close to death the two times this happened. A similar state can be induced in the presence of a Nexus (as seen during the fight against the Fanatic), but is weaker, though does not drain Shaun's life force.

Notable RP Events

  • Cleared Alola's trials.
  • Entered both Alola's and Sinnoh's Hall of Fame.
  • Had his memories of Sunnyshore's Glitching erased.
  • Encountered second Shard of Calamity Chaos - the same glitch that attacked Sunyshore.
  • Learned about his memory tampering from a letter he wrote to himself.
  • Became an Obscuric.
  • Became a vigilante superhero.
  • Fought in the second Foxverse war.


  • He considers himself friends with Sergey after meeting him in Alola.
  • He met Gogie in Alola; he and his team consider him a friend.
  • Very good friends with Silas, as much as they mess with each other.
  • Shaun is currently in a romantic relationship with Jessica.
  • Shaun is also currently dating Mason.
  • Kaiiseii and Isbrand are his future children.

Notable Possessions

  • An experimental Thunder Punch gauntlet.
  • A full-arm variant of the same gauntlet.
  • An Ice Punch gauntlet.
  • A Sinnoh-model Pokedex, complete with National Dex upgrade.
  • A case of TMs and HM, including:
    • A set of G2 Legacy TMs.
    • TypeNormal.gif Cut, Strength, Rock Climb, Swords Dance
    • TypeWater.gif Surf, Waterfall, Rain Dance
    • TypeFighting.gif Rock Smash
    • TypeFlying.gif Defog, Fly
    • TypeFire.gif Sunny Day, Flame Charge, Flamethrower
    • TypeIce.gif Ice Beam, Aurora Veil
    • TypeGrass.gif Solar Beam
  • A rather sturdy smartphone built by his father.
  • A laptop, mostly used for internet browsing and gamimg.
  • A [3DS].
  • An older model of Pokétch, akin to the D/P/Pt protagonist's.
  • A pair of smartglasses (aviators, of course) built by his father.
  • A Z-Ring with the following Z-Crystals:
    • Normalium-Z
    • Waterium-Z
    • Firium-Z
    • Grassium-Z
    • Flynium-Z
    • Electrium-Z
    • Ghostium-Z
    • Darkinium-Z
    • Dragonium-Z
    • Fairium-Z
    • Groundium-Z
    • Pyschinium-Z
    • Pikanium-Z
  • A laser-hidden blade from the Foxverse.
  • A compound bow made by Silas. Constructed from extremely durable Asimov metamaterials and Obscuric-conducting metals, with arrows that contain swappable heads. Currently the primary weapon of Phantom after the destruction of his kyoketsu-shoge.
  • The armor sets of Phantom and Wraith.
  • A set of wrist-mounted crossbows, used by Phantom.
  • A silver, elaborate katana hilt, used as an Auric Medium by Wraith.




  • Afraid needles, death, and loss of control over himself.
  • In his Pokéform, Shaun keeps his blue eyes.
  • Shaun is a Ghost-type Obscuric and a Soul of Silver (an unusual combination).
  • Speech color: Gray
  • Shaun's real last name is Aoishi, but he legally translated it to Sapphire for the alliteration.
  • Shaun's middle intial is J. No one knows what it stands for, or if it even stands for anything.


Shaun and Tsunami, courtesy of Phazya.
A sketch of Shaun by our very own Bittersweetnsour.

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