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Beowulf is Shaun's Gallade.



Normally Beowulf looks like any other Gallade.

However, he is a Battle Bond Pokémon.

Battle Bond (Human!Shaun)

Beowulf's Battle Bond form resembles a heavily-modified Mega Gallade. He looks like a Mega Gallade with thin "hips", a natural "cape" that looks like a grey trenchcoat, and jet-black hair. He actually gets taller (5'10") and his arm-blades become a stormy grey-blue.

Battle Bond (Decidueye!Shaun)

Should Shaun be in Decidueye while Beowulf is in Bond Form, the Gallade's appearance changes slightly. His hair becomes green, and rather then a grey "trenchcoat", he gains a Decidueye-esque hooded cloak.


Beowulf's human appearance is currenly unknown.


Beowulf grew up pretty fast, even for an empath. Molded by stories of knight and samurai, Beowulf has a stromg set of morals and believes justice should always be dealt. A kind-hearted Mon, Beowulf helps however he can, be it by blade or bandage.


  • Birthday: September 21, 2017
  • Age: 1
  • Gender: Male
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Hatched: Route 212, Sinnoh
  • Ball: Premier

Battle Strategy

Beowulf is no coward. Thus, he tends to lead in battles, crushing his opponents with Psychic Aura and CQC.

Known Techniques

Ability: Battle Bond

Hidden Power Type: TBD

Battle Bond Move: Psycho Cut+. Takes the form of a broadsword or a longbow.

  • Natural Moveset


  • TBA


  • Speech color: Green
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