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Name: Sasa Bringer
Nickname: Queenie
Gender: Female
Sexuality: -
Age: 23
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Ethnicity: Pretty Darn White
Birthday: July 23, 1994
Home: Ringtown, Fiore
Pokéform: {{{pokeform}}}
Starter: Flan

Sasa Bringer (Better Known as Queenie) is a trainer from the Fiore region, who strives to be famous in any way shape or form. Stubborn, easy to anger passionate, emotional, and devoted to the core, Queenie is a formidable girl who has no hesitation to bring down those that insult her or those she cares about.

Quick to soak up the spotlight, and even quicker to slam someone down with a "S U P L E X," Queenie is an errartically varying character that will switch moods as fast as the clouds change.

If there's anything to say about her, she's dedicated to her dream...whatever it may be.