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The PEFE members as of March 27, 2012. From left to right: PEFE!Every, Pentigan, Luke, Silent, Tangent, Tagg, Tracer, and Umbra. Original is here.

The Pokédex Extended Fanon Edition is a project on TvTropes to expand on the canon Pokédex's content. All articles are written from a scientific perspective, as if the contributor was a researcher. It is available here [Alt Wiki].

There is an In-Universe version existing in WAAPT, called either PEFE (Pokédex Extended Fileshare Endeavour) or the Extended Pokédex project, as acknowledging the fact that it's fanon would be breaking the fourth wall, not that we don't break the fourth wall anyways :P.

The WAAPT version of PEFE was founded by Tangent, Tracer, Tagg and Silent who were assigned by the cool old guys to rework the information of the Pokédex (because, really). PEFE eventually ended up taking the immeasurable assets of the corrput Pokefutures corporation and became a force for the expansion of knowledge for happiness.

The main headquarters of the PEFE Foundation are on PEFE Island within the Sea of Kyogre, though its exact location is [REDACTED]. There are various other facilities around the world, for example in Valencia Island and in Goldenrod City.

Known Departments

Psychology and Behavioral Analysis

This department is headed by Tracer, and deals with the psychological health of Pokémon.

Field Research and Wilderness Survival

This department is headed by Tagg, and deals with observing Pokémon in their natural habitats as well as how to survive and conduct research in harsh environments.

Research and Development

The PEFE's official mad science department, dealing in the creation of advanced technology.

Known Facilities


The original PEFE HQ prior to the acquisition of PEFE Island is still owned by the PEFE. They also have a financial office located in a skyscraper in Saffron City.

Orange Islands

There is at least one known PEFE facility on Valencia Island.


At least two facilities are in the region. One is in Goldenrod, where Silent is most often seen. Another laboratory and storage facility is in a refurbished historical building in Alto Mare, which doubles as a museum.


There is a known PEFE facility in Slateport, which has a Wailord skeleton on display.


The main PEFE facility is in Jubilife.


One facility is known to be in Mistralton.


The main PEFE facility is in Lumiose.


The main PEFE facility is in Malie.


Holon City has a relatively neglected branch of the PEFE within its city limits.


The Summerland PEFE facility used to hold the Gaim Rahm, before it was stolen by Lucius during the Ranger-2 Arc.


There are a number of small hidden research stations located around the archipelago, with one in particular located near the outskirts of Cocona Village.


PEFE rents a small office coworking space in a building in Wyndon.

In Other Universes

In the AU

Within the AU Tangent hadn't met Basket and therefore was unable to get over his inability to handle mons, making him only a photographer within the organization. As a result, during the Pokefutures assault, PEFeDOS wasn't completely destroyed as she was in the OU, and that universe's Headmaster decided to use her within PEFE HQ. This horrifically backfired when the AI decided to rebel, killing a number of researchers either directly or through her sadistic testing regimen involving the use of Portal Devices. This came to an end once the reunited OU PEFE Founders, Luke, Wolf, and their mons put an end to PEFeDOS. It served as the main edge the Resistance had against Scolemis and later Napoleon due to its portal technology combined with the Sinnoh Cubone tribe's space tunnels.


Within the timeline that became PMD-B, the forces of the Seven Jerk Dragons managed to cripple the facility in a lightning blow and turned everyone into mons, preventing any chance of turning the transfigured humans back to normal. Eventually the various mons and humons ended up creating numerous communities within the modules of the facility, and it became the source of the Gummis that make post-apocalyptic mon civilization possible.

At least one paper version of the PEFE's article database eventually ended up in Ammy's possession within her cave.

In the Other!Verse

PEFE is quite a minor thing in the Otherverse in comparison to the original timeline. Tagg is the leader of the organization but most of the other's incarnations are not affiliated with it. While a respected organization, it happens to be constantly scrounging for funds because of its lack of Pokefutures resources.


  • The unofficial motto of the PEFE is "For Discovery! For Knowledge!! FOR POKÉMON!!!"
  • The official pronunciation for PEFE is "pay-fay".

Tangent - Tagg - Tracer - Silent

Other Researchers and Interns:

Anom - Jane - Every (PEFE) - Luke - Pentigan - Umbramatic - Gene - Jeff - Diane - Maggie - The Seven - Hikari - Jacob - Dr. al-Cygni - Professor Banana - Mendel - Echo

Non-Researcher Personnel:

Priscilla - Sterling


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