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Napoleon was formerly Sol's Emboar, and one of the main villains of the AU Arc, who she met as a Tepig. A conniving yet very intelligent individual, he managed to usurp Sol by murdering Rose and Eridan and pinning the blame on her in order to manipulate the Midori Mons into following him, and beat Antonio to death when he managed to witness him doing it. He also killed Elvis and turned him into a taxidermy piece when he stayed back to prevent Napoleon from murdering Sol.

Napoleon eventually decided to turn his back on Scolemis and pull a Starscream on them, leading his forces on a conquest of Unova that ended up with him, the remaining loyal Scolemis forces, and the Unovan Resistance having a Melee A Trois at N's Castle, leading to Mira's death when she took an attack meant for Artemis. The Emboar finally met his end when he was eaten by Scolipede's Hydreigon, and the souls of the Midori Mons ripped his soul to shreds.

Napoleon's NPC handler is Fool.


While Napoleon was mainly a schemer, he was no slouch in the fighting department, having killed the two strongest Midori Mons and managing to defeat the incredibly broken MGMT and severely injure Lake when they fought. He was even capable of withstanding a hail of attacks from various J-Team mons. (Though it should be noted in the last case most of the attacks didn't even hit him thanks to his followers throwing themselves in front of their attacks.)

In the OU

In the OU Napoleon is a perfectly friendly shiny Emboar by the name of Snowball.


  • Napoleon is based on the pig of the same name from Animal Farm, who was in turn based on Josef Stalin.
  • The only being Napoleon was afraid of was his mother, paralleling Stalin.