Midori Mons

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The Midori Mons were a group of mons in AU!Fool's service who she caught in Kanto, all of which wore matching green felt outfits. Upon being recruited by Scolemis, they became the main inhabitants of the Midori Room. Anyone who refused to work for Sol would be mauled to death by them, and then eaten. Napoleon manipulated them into believing Sol was a traitor, and all save for Snowman and Crowbar died either during the Battle of Castelia, Napoleon's conquest of Unova in general, or at N's Castle at the hands of the J-Team and their allies. Post AU Arc, Sol had to fight all of the deceased members in a boss rush in order to win her Spirit Game, whereupon Snowman died by her hand.

List of Midori Mons


  • Most of the Midori Mons are named after the members of the Midnight Crew from Homestuck, except for Rose, John, Eridan, and Sollux who were named after two of the kids and two of the trolls respectively.
  • Save for Crowbar, Matchsticks, and Snowman, none of the Midori Mons exist in the OU.
  • Snowman and Rose were the only female members.