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Mira is DS' Mienshao.


Mira is quite stoic, not normally showing much emotion. She appears to have softened up a bit as time went on, particularly when with her girlfriend Artemis and their adopted daughter, Odette.

Abilities in battle

Her ability is Inner Focus.


As a Mienfoo, Mira had waited a long time for the right trainer to come along, one she believed she had seen in a dream. Travelling over to Twist Mountain from Dragonspiral Tower, Mira met DS and her Unova team. After seeing Artemis in action, Mira decided DS was the trainer she had been looking for, and joined DS' team.

In the AU

Mira worked as Artemis' personal assistant and bodyguard in the alternate timeline, sworn to protect her queen from anything. Sadly, Mira was killed when she was stabbed by Napoleon, taking a hit that was meant for Artemis. With her last breaths, Mira confessed her love for Artemis, before dying in the Liepard's paws. Her body was buried somewhere in the Entralink.


  • Mira is loyal to her trainer, DS, and believes they were destined to travel together.
  • Mira is in a relationship with Artemis the Liepard, whom she fell in love with at first sight. Mira's love for Artemis even remains in the AU, where she even sacrificed her own life to save her.
  • Odette is Mira and Artemis' adopted daughter.
  • Mira has also taken on sort of a mentor role for Kohai.
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