Briar Rose

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Briar Rose is DS' Roserade.


Briar Rose is cheerful, optimistic, and tends to doze off.

Abilities in battle

Briar Rose's ability is Natural Cure. She knows many long-ranged attacks, such as Energy Ball, Sludge Bomb, and Shadow Ball. She also knows moves such as Leech Seed and Toxic.


Briar Rose was caught as a Budew on Route 204 early in DS' journey through Sinnoh, and was the second Pokémon DS added to her original main team.

In the AU

Briar Rose helped the rest of DS' original team search for the other trainers, after DS' disappearance following the encounter with Cyrus, Primal Dialga and Shadow Celebi at the Giant Chasm. While the rest of the team thought DS had been killed by Primal Dialga, Briar Rose kept believing that DS was still alive somewhere.

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