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Ribbons is DS' Gothitelle.


Ribbons started out as very shy, but eventually grew out of it. She seems to take a lot after DS, seeing as she was basically raised by her.

Abilities in battle

Her ability is Frisk.


DS received an egg from Darach shortly before the trainers all went to Unova. Apparently, the egg came from one of Caitlin's Pokémon, and DS had been entrusted to raise it because Caitlin and her team were too busy with their duties as part of the Unova Elite 4 to raise it themselves. The day after they arrived in Unova, the egg hatched into the shy little Gothita that DS gave the nickname Ribbons.

In the AU

Ribbons was never born in the alternate timeline, however, after the timeline split, she was brought into existance through the Dream World. It is unknown what evolution level she is currently at in the AU.

DS's Team
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