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Pokefutures Inc. was a company behind numerous ethics violations in the Angela region and elsewhere, under the guise of creating greater bonds between people and Pokémon. The founders of the PEFE ended up taking it down and incorporating its assets into their organization.

Pokefutures in other universes


In the AU and all timelines derived from it, Pokefutures was much the same, but FutureOS didn't get catastrophically damaged like it was in the OU, so the non-Tangent Headmaster ended up re-purposing it as an AI in PEFE HQ up until its betrayal.


Pokefutures never came into being, and therefore the PEFE never got larger than its old HQ in Kanto.


  • The lack of an é in Pokefuture's name is meant to represent their utter disrespect towards Pokémon.

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