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The Angela Region is located on the opposite side of the continent Unova is on, past Orre to the west. This is a high-tech region closely related to this continuity’s incarnation of PEFE. It is well known for being controlled by multinational corporations.

Recent History (Main Timeline)

For a long time, Angela was tightly controlled by the Pokefutures corporation, which had its fingers in just about every business and institution in the entire region, putting up a tough wall for any potential competitors. This changed when PEFE blew the lid on their illegal and unethical research activities in 2008, which put the company in danger of failing and, as an unforeseen consequence, taking the entire region with it, as the economy was so closely tied into it. To avert this from happening, the local senate controversially handed control of all the company's assets to PEFE, much to the chagrin of other multinational companies such as the Battle Company of Unova, that desired to claim some of Pokefutures' assets for themselves. PEFE's contract is due to be renewed ten years later.

Pokémon League

In contrast with most regions, Angela's Pokémon League only has six Gym Leaders instead of eight, and has an Elite Six instead of an Elite Four.

  • Gym Leaders:
    • Karnelle Gym - Rip Stinger, former [Hollywood] action star - TypeBug.gif
    • Los Phiones Gym - Benedetta Ardizzone, mob boss - TypeFlying.gif
    • San Dialga Gym - Iris Aelfric, deceptively fire-themed Auric - TypeWater.gif
    • Silbern City Gym - The Bolt!, local superhero - TypeElectric.gif
    • Nacht City Gym - Luke Van Luke, heel wrestler - TypeFire.gif
    • Portokali City Gym - Polyxene Krete, BCA executive - TypeIce.gif
  • Elite Six:
    • Sen. Kyle Armitage, local politician - TypeNormal.gif
    • Joan, soccer mom - TypeGround.gif
    • J.C. Ford, [Black Mesa] alumni - TypePsychic.gif
    •  ?????
    • Kaoh, type specialization unknown
    •  ?????

In the AU

During the AU Angela was brutally conquered by Lanius and his forces, the Samurott crucifying the rebel leader for all to see. The conquest was so terrible that in the timeline that became PMD-B, Lanius was remembered much like the Mongols were.


In PMD-B the Angela region became very similar to the world of the Fallout universe circa-Fallout 1, for the most part an anarchic hellhole. 600 years before then AU!Tagg and his mons led a rebellion against the draconic forces there, and following his slaying of Julda, the Brotherhood of Steel was founded.

The few humans that avoided monification made their homes in Vaults, with some integrating with the greater mon population centuries later. During the PMD Returns Arc, the Unity attempted to turn all the humans into Super Mutants, but were stopped by Team Taxonomy, Tracer's mons, and the Vault Dweller.

Known Settlements

  • Long City
  • Karnelle Alley, Winterberry Wood Boulevard
  • Los Phiones
  • San Dialga
  • Silbern City
  • Nacht City
  • Portokali City


  • The Angela region is based on California, mostly SoCal but with some elemtents of NorCal (such as Portokali City being a stand-in for Sacramento).
  • Cynical!Tracer mentioning Angela taking water from rivers and lakes to "water its streets" is a reference to the California Water Wars of the 19th and 20th Centuries.
  • Several locations in the Angela Region are named after stages from Pokémon Shuffle; it can therefore be assumed that Pokémon Shuffle takes place in Angela in this universe.

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