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The PMD Returns Arc is a multiple lines arc following after the events of Sinnoh and Johto early 2012. The group goes to explore the PMD verse again, for a more complete trip than the first time; however once they get there they are involved in some events that also reveal the existence of another PMD verse called PMD-B.

Major Events

  • PMD-A side:
    • The Plot Crystal is shattered, revealing the existence of PMD-B.
    • ...
  • PMD-B side:
    • The PEFE-B Portal 2 miniarc
    • Abbyfall
    • Angela Fallout miniarc

Other Events

  • PMD-A side:
  • Helryx tries to figure out how the shards work, and is shardported to various PMD B locales.
  • Team Skyclaw disposes of two dangerous criminals who nomed entire Teams.
  • PMD-B side:
    • Skye and Lake get teleported to the Lake of Rage where they discover evidence of a Houndour settlement descendants from a Delta.
    • Gino and Agent Lucas disarm the dealership end of a Lansat smuggling ring in the "Sacred Forest", revealing that the drug comes from a coastal place in Hoenn. Then the Owsla reveal they've been on the case.
    • Tracer, now an Archen, almost loses his team to a sandstorm.
    • By investigating her family tree, Ammy starts to discover the relationship between the AU and PMD-B.
    • Aurora and Crescent meet Aurora's descendants.
    • Various characters travel to PEFE HQ and reactivate the systems there.
    • Alastor tries to search for the Orbs of the Sinnoh Legendaries.
    • Tracer has a freaky friday flip with the Archeops who leads the Empire of Ancients.
    • Spectrum and Nadia tie in the Bluescale fighting competition.
    • Nix Fest 2614 takes place, with various offerings to the Phoenix Pokémon. Mons like Teala, Silent and Cecil are watching the event.
  • Other sides:
    • Kat and Rising Star are about to get married, yay~! (Not until a year or so, actually :P)
    • Unite attacks a jerk politician and makes to local news.
    • Basket's Saplings in the otherverse run away to go look for their father.

Arc Information

  • Players Leaving:
  • Antagonists:
    • PEFeDOS
    • The Unity/Children of the Cathedral
    • Magolor


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