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Mezzoforte Morendo is the original owner of Sunny and a specialist in training the Eevee line. While assigned male at birth, recently they have begun to question their gender identity. To avoid confusion between them and their sister Mezzopiano, they go by Forte for short.


Forte tends to wear basic, simple clothing such as T-shirts and shorts. They keep their hair short so that it's easy to take care of. While they have their siblings' blue hair, they are the only one out of the four to not have green eyes.

Alternate Outfits:


Forte is rash and impulsive, and has a strong lack of tact. However, they are kind at heart. Lately, they have also learned to be more patient. They have a tendency to complain about things, leading others to call them whiny.

Has a Mindscape.


Forte and Katie were dating for a while, but have decided to pull back their relationship. They still consider each other close friends.

Forte also considers themself friends with Rex.

Forte strongly dislikes Herbert, who ended up kicking them after they were turned into an Eevee. They also are not fond of anyone who dislikes Eevee or Eeveelutions.

Further Details

  • Age: 21
  • Birthday: June 29, 1999
  • Starter Pokémon: Icicle the Glaceon
  • First appearance: Page 3586
  • Pokéform: Jolteon
  • Favorite color: Red
  • Likes: Eevee and evolutions
  • Dislikes: Being left behind, being ignored, people who dislike Eevees

In the AU

Forte was killed by a Bisharp in the invasion of Castelia City after he refused to submit to Scolipede and Artemis' rule. His team is still alive, though they are all different evolutions. Naturally, this happened before he had an opportunity to consider his gender identity issues.

Forte's Team



Some relevant items that Forte owns:

  • A laptop with a broken "I" key, thanks to Icicle freezing it. Shadow uses it to play StellarCreation and review Sunny's fanfics under the screen name DaylightShadow196.
  • A collection of Eevee and Eeveelution plushies, including one of Icicle. Most are kept at home.
  • Related to the above, a collection of assorted Eevee paraphernalia in their room at home.
  • A set of Eevee, Glaceon, Espeon, and Vaporeon costumes each consisting of a pair of ears and a tail.
  • A Prism Ruff.
  • A red, pink, and green sword with black roses etched into its blade, given to them by the three fairies in Makbaliv.
  • An airship which is technically owned by Icicle, but which Forte can be considered the human owner of. It is the official airship of Team Glacier and is piloted by Shadow.
  • A Silver Wing, given to them by Lugia due to their Soul of Silver.
  • A red dress given to them by Fortis, with matching shoes and hair ribbon.
  • An Eevee-themed hoodie given to them by Katie.
  • An Eevee fursuit used both for furry things and for concealing their identity when needed.
  • A Z-Ring handed down by Kagetora, the Eevee User.
  • Z-Crystals:
    • TypeNormal.gif Eevium Z, Normalium Z
    • TypeElectric.gif Electrium Z
    • TypePsychic.gif Psychium Z
    • TypeFire.gif Firium Z
    • TypeGrass.gif Grassium Z
    • TypeFairy.gif Fairium Z
    • TypeWater.gif Waterium Z
    • TypeIce.gif Icium Z
    • TypeDark.gif Darkinium Z
  • TMs/HMs:
    • TypeNormal.gif Hidden Power
    • TypeGhost.gif Shadow Ball
    • TypePsychic.gif Psyshock, Calm Mind, Reflect, Light Screen
    • TypeBug.gif X-Scissor, Infestation
    • TypeFire.gif Overheat
    • TypePoison.gif Toxic
    • TypeWater.gif Surf, Dive, Waterfall, Rain Dance
    • TypeElectric.gif Thunderbolt
    • TypeGround.gif Dig
    • TypeFighting.gif Power-Up Punch
    • TypeGrass.gif Grass Knot
    • TypeRock.gif Rock Tomb
    • TypeIce.gif Ice Beam
    • TypeFairy.gif Dazzling Gleam
    • Forte used to own a Fly HM, but it has since been given to Fortis.


  • Owns one of every Eeveelution.
  • Rescued Shadow from his kidnapping by Team Dark.
  • Rescued Shadow from the depths of the PEFE facility, helping to kill Yggdrasil in the process.
  • Rescued Stella from Makbaliv, helping to kill Sister Grimm in the process.
  • Helped to save Sinnoh from Annoski's Twilight.
  • Assisted in defeating Magolor.
  • Played the role of their ancestor Agitato's Eevee companion during their time in Ransei.
  • Served under Eevee User Kagetora as his apprentice, completing a set of Eeveelution-themed trials and earning the title of Eevee Master.


  • Forte and Katie were the first secondary PCs to be in a romantic relationship with other secondary PCs, namely each other. Incidentally, they were both introduced in the Orange Islands Arc.
  • Forte once received a "gift" from Mew, which caused them to slowly transform into an Eevee (and later, a Glaceon) over a period of a few days. Gail and Celebi arrived from the future to help convince Mew to fix it.
  • Forte is a fan of Sonic the Sandslash.
  • None of Forte's Pokémon know Baton Pass, despite all Eeveelutions being able to learn it.
  • Forte has spent more time as the opposite sex than any other PC, due to being turned female for the duration of the PMD Returns Arc and Kalos Arc. The first turned out to be another "present" from Mew, while the second was courtesy of Noir. This may be the cause of them questioning their gender identity.
  • Of the four Morendo siblings, Forte is the "odd one out": They are the only one who is not a single type specialist, they are the only one who does not have green eyes, and they are the only one whose name does not end in the letter O. They also have a summer birthday while the other three have birthdays in winter.
  • Forte is the only secondary PC with an Attribute, being a Soul of Silver, until Lina came along.
  • In most cases, when a Trainer has an Attribute, they also own a Pokémon with that same Attribute. However, none of Forte's Pokémon are Souls of Silver, as they gave the one who is to Mezzo.
  • Forte has a habit of pacing back and forth when bored.
  • Forte is jealous that their sister is the one who is called Mezzo for short, since the name can also be applied to them. They tend to act as if anyone saying "Mezzo" means them, even when they know it clearly doesn't.
  • Forte has never actually caught a Pokémon. Their whole team was either gifted to them, or raised from eggs.
  • Forte was at one point sent one week backward in time by Celebi to accompany their Flareon past self. They gave their Flareon form the name "Kerro" and has since kept it as their "Eevee name". They also used this name when they were sent back in time to assist their ancestor Agitato.
  • Forte seems to have extremely bad luck. By contrast, their sister Fortis seems to have extremely good luck.
  • Eevees and Eeveelutions seem to be naturally attached to them, to the point where even Shadowed Eeveelutions feel comfortable around them.
  • Forte is a furry, particularly with regard to Eevee-related things.
  • Forte's team all belong to one large family of Eeveelutions. Team members who aren't blood related are adopted in.
  • Forte occasionally livestreams Sonic the Sandslash games on an unspecified streaming site.
Forte's Team
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