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Alastor is Veronica's Haunter.


Alastor rarely seems to be happy, and is strongly opposed to the existance of the Spirit Games. He does seem to have a soft spot for Fantasy, but doesn't think a relationship with her would work out.

Abilities in battle

His ability is Levitate.


As a Gastly, Alastor befriended a Pokemon that had died in an accident, and helped it win the Spirit Games so it could return to life and return to its old owner. However, things didn't end well, and Alastor later grew to resent the existance of the Spirit Games and began protesting them. He later met Veronica while wandering the world, and has been on her team ever since.

In the AU

In the AU, Alastor is fully evolved, and was the only one of Veronica's team to survive when she and her team were killed during the wars. AU!Alastor has since then wandered between the mortal world and spirit world, and seems to have recently found himself interested in observing AU!Fool/Sol and AU!DS.


Within the PMD-B branch of the AU, Alastor gained possession of the Lustrous Orb after AU!DS' death and teamed up with AU!Wolf in order to get the Adamant Orb, eventually meeting with Tagg's group in Angela.

Veronica's Team
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