Adamant Orb

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The Adamant Orb is one of the Timespace Orbs related to Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina. An object of immense temporal power closely related to Dialga, it was in the possession of Tagg in the OU, who acquired it mysteriously after Missingno's first defeat, until Dialga took it back following Tagg's actions in Orre. The Adamant Orb is very reactive to the flow of time, to the point of cracking during the events of the Warp in the South.

Powers Exhibited

  • Time dilation
  • "Slow time" effect
  • Restoring AU/OU memories without need of a Constant.
  • Dialga summoning and communication
  • Paradox inducer (Kept Helios and Limna in existence during the AU arc, as Luke and Tagg hadn't met in it to make either mon.)
  • Rapid aging and de-aging. (Used by AU!Tagg in defense of the Brotherhood bunker)
  • Rewinding and fast-forwarding time
  • Time travel (Limited to just time, the Adamant Orb does not allow controlled travel through space.)
  • Viewing other timelines at any point of their history.
  • Resonating in the presence of Space-Time Orb shards.
  • Transport to the Temporal World.

Known Owners