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Helios is Tagg's male Volcarona, a relatively young and seemingly naive mon, but very powerful. He is the son of Celestia and Ditto and as such is heir to her kingdom.

During Kanjoh, he stuck with Silent, or more precisely with Algira, with whom he spent a couple weeks in the Johto Safari Zone. There, the couple had a meeting with Celestia regarding their relationship. Afterwards, Helios left with Tagg to the PMD verse when Tagg comes looking for him. They leave instructions for Silent to follow them. Eventually he reunites with Algira in Treasure Town and spent some time together ever since before he got involved in PMD-B.


Due to his speed of evolution, in the beginning Helios could have been described as basically a child in a physically adult body, which to some extent remains even after he's reached full mental maturity. While seemingly naive and focused mainly on the consumption of honey, he can have a pretty keen insight on what needs to be done. He does possess a more ruthless side when his friends are threatened, as shown when he immolated Lanius' Praetorian Guard with Heat Shield, though it also traumatized him.


  • Birthday: Sometime in early April, 2011
  • Age: 6
  • Met: Most likely hatched in Nimbasa City, Unova (Larvesta)
  • Ablility: Flame Body
  • Ball: Poké

Battle Strategy

Helios tends to spend his days devouring nothing but honey and can at times be rather naive. He also happens to be one of the strongest if not the strongest mon in Tagg's possession. In combat Helios activates Flame Body and creates a corona of heat around himself. He has a predilection towards special attacks and often buffs using Quiver Dance to increase his already impressive power and speed. He can also use Sunny Day to fire Solarbeams at enemies.

When fighting for his life Helios often uses the time honored methods of setting his enemies on fire, flicking burning scales into eyes, and using an unusual combination of his scales and Hurricane to burn opponents. (He won't use Heat Shield though.)

Known Techniques

  • TypeBug.gif Bug Buzz, Quiver Dance, Rage Powder
  • TypeFire.gif Fiery Dance, HEAT SHIELD, Heat Wave, Sunny Day
  • TypeGrass.gif Solarbeam
  • TypeNormal.gif Protect, Round, Whirlwind
  • TypeFlying.gif Acrobatics, Fly, Hurricane
  • TypePsychic.gif Psychic

Helios in other universes

In the AU

Helios didn't exist in the AU due to Luke and Tagg not meeting and only avoided the fate of Ribbons and Crush thanks to the Adamant Orb, but following the timeline split he was reborn as a Larvesta using the Dream World.


By the time of PMD-B in the alternate timeline, Helios is now the ruler of the Unovan desert. It is stated that he started his reign alongside Algira ('s AU incarnation), implying he has been ruling ever since not too long after the Draconic Uprising arc. Helios's and Algira's progeny eventually spread and settled in the oasis near the desert.


  • Evolved in about a week.
  • Learned Heat Shield.
  • Killed an entire squad of Scolemis mons in Kanto in one swift move (AU).


  • Is in a long term relationship with Algira.
  • Celestia is his mother, while Ditto is his father. He is also half-siblings with Shahinne and Skipper due to Ditto being their mother as well.
  • Anom's Volcarona is his half sister through Celestia.
  • He and Lepi have been known to team up on occasion.
  • Helios and Muddy have a friendship forged from working together on multiple occasions.


  • Helios was the first of Tagg's mons obtained pre-Alola Arc to use a Z-Move.

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