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The Alola Arc is the arc that followed after the events of Re: Glitch, that also ran concurrently with the Pokésona Arc. Following their defeat of the Flickering Thing turned monster Glitch, part of the J-Team decides to participate in the brand-new Alola League, as new teams start to arise to oppose them in the shadows. At the same time, the multiverse itself has its walls starting to break down, bringing not only Ultra Beasts, but beings from further afield.

Major Events

  • The Contractors battle HnK.
  • Team Umbra plus Volkner are freed from the pocket dimension, but most of Team Locke save Gudrunn and Alli are punted to the AU.


  • Kaito defeats Scott to become a new Frontier Brain.
  • The Alola League is established as a re-purposed Island Challenge.
  • The Mobius Society is introduced.
  • Team Asimov and Team Rossum are introduced.
    • Team Asimov becomes the first humans to land on Mars.
  • Best Berry is introduced.
  • The Ultra Beasts are introduced.
  • The Calamity Alovye and the tale of the Sorcerer of the Warp is introduced.
  • The Foxverse is established.
  • The School is introduced.

Island Challenge

These characters challenged the Alola League:

Arc Information

Players Joining:

Players Leaving:


New Characters:

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