Calamity Alovye

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Calamity Alovye, also known as the Ur-Glitch, is an ancient Glitch that devastated the world in ancient times.


Calamity Alovye was once a human known as the Sorcerer of the Warp, or just the Sorcerer, who led a cult dedicated to exploiting the secrets of the Shadowlanders, especially concerning forbidden rituals involving small-scale Glitches. Eventually he learned of the existence of an extra-universal entity called The Fanatic and sought to use the rituals to harness its power. When he succeeded, he was transformed into a glitch dubbed Calamity Alovye, who devastated all it came across. Eventually a team of heroes destroyed it, but there are legends saying its essence tainted the fabric of the universe and fed into later destructive Glitches, as well as making the world a general weirdness magnet.

The Ballad Of Alovye

Once quite long ago the world was at ease,

No cosmic chaos so folks could do as they please,

Everyone followed the code, from Legendary to Magikarp,

Until the coming of the Sorcerer Of The Warp.

The Sorcerer was an imposing type,

Who didn't put up with do-gooder tripe,

Flowing robes were a symbol of wizardly might,

A large hood hid his face from sight,

The Sorcerer lived a fairly ordinary life,

Until his people met with much strife,

He led their way against despair,

Until they found a Shadowlander lair.

The Sorcerer soon used forbidden rituals for his gain,

Summoning minor Glitches, ignoring reality's pain,

But this problem became truly traumatic,

When he learned of a beast called The Fanatic.

The Fanatic was a being that tore realities asunder,

Destroyed timelines for fun, reveled in its plunder,

The Sorcerer knew that if he had its kind of might,

Becoming father of all Glitches was well within sight.

So he gathered all his followers and cast a dark, dark spell,

A taboo Shadowlander rite that just worked all too well,

Man became glitch and glitch became man,

The Sorcerer no more, Calamity Alovye began.

The Calamity terrorized all in sight,

Nothing can describe its devastation and might,

While a team of heroes stepped in to kill it in its prime,

Its great glitch reincarnations will haunt us for all time.


  • Calamity Alovye's name is a play on Calamity Ganon and the ILOVEYOU virus.