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The Shadowlanders were a society of Ghost-types and Dark-types that existed at the same time as the Alakagross, if not as expansive as them. Their leader was the Shadow King. They did not have a fond relationship with the Alakagross, due to a variety of conflicts between them. Eventually, the Shadowlanders decided to mount an attack on the Alakagoss city where Slateport is now and steal the Crystal Stars. The Shadow King, having then altered them to only take Obscuric input. From there, the Alakagross mounted an attack again, but were outmatched, eventually using another function of the Stars to seal many of the Shadowlanders in the confines of their former city. The Shadowlanders were unable to recover from this and what was left of the society outside of the city ended up dissolving.

Leaders : Shadow King563Mini.png
Members : Shadow Sirens478Mini.png477Mini.png*132Mini.pngHooktail635Mini.png*Gloomtail635Mini.png*Grubba560Mini.png*
Defected : Vivian609Mini.png