Crystal Stars

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The Crystal Stars are an attempt to recreate Legendary Artifacts by the Alakagross Civilization. They were originally powered by Psychic energy, but were altered to have most of their functions only take Obscura as input by the Shadow King. They were originally located at the capital of the Alakagross civilization, which is where Slateport now stands. They also serve as the keys for the Hundred Thousand Year Door, and the Magical Map can be used to determine their location.

Crystal Stars

  • Emerald Star: Meant to simulate the powers of the Adamant Orb, wielded by Lechku and Nechku during the Conquest Arc before falling into the hands of the Puni Elder.
  • Gold Star: Possibly meant to simulate the powers of one of Xerneas or Yveltal's artifacts, it can drain life and was used by Grubba to prolong his for more than 100,000 years.


Despite their great power, the Crystal Stars are mere tokens compared to the power of ther true legendary artifacts they were based on, with the Adamant Orb in particular being capable of countering the effects of the Emerald Star during the battle against Lechku and Nechku.