Team Umbra

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From left to right: Umbra, Lina, Ammy, Arika, Nico, and Robin. (Commission by Martha Napier.)

Team Umbra is a small subset of the J-Team consisting of six Trainers that bonded as friends over shared (and often intertwined) unusual and supernatural life stories and are often seen together as a group to some degree or at least in pairs. The subgroup is named after Umbra due to him being the first of them to join the J-Team and its "founding member" of sorts.



  • Various PEFE resources, primarily mon storage, courtesy of Umbra.
  • The Ark of Yamato as a home base and primary means of transportation, courtesy of Ammy.
  • Resources of the Thwapian Division of the X-Nauts, courtesy of Nico

Team Umbra
Members: UmbraLinaAmmyArikaNicoRobin
Affiliates : WakaKikiKaguyaSeishirouFuumaKaiTaggJennaAnthony NoxMaggieXerneasGiratinaX-NautsAnna 247Team Locke