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Nico Cerebrum, AKA the Tremendous Thwap, current leader of the Thwapian division of the X-Nauts, with Grodus, dethroned leader of the X-Nauts as a whole. Commission by autobottesla.

The X-Nauts are a group of primarily Abra and Beldum line mons. They started by hunting for the Crystal Stars to try and open the Hundred Thousand Year Door, so that they can overthrow humanity and restore the Alakagross civilization to its former glory. Later, however, as their plan failed and their leaders either died, defected, or turned more toward a more pro-humanity side, the organization reformed and is more devoted to maintaining the Alakagross' culture in the modern day than trying to take over the world and wipe out humanity.


  • Nico (Co-leader of whole organization, specific leader of "Thwapian X-Nauts" subgroup)
  • TEC (Co-leader of whole organization, specific leader of "TEX-Nauts" subgroup)
  • Kamdida
  • Squealer
  • Grodus (Former Leader)
  • Crump (Prior to Death)
  • Shadow Sirens (Defected)
  • Xavier (Defected)

Leaders : Nico*TEC*
Members (TEX Division) : Kamdida064Mini.pngSquealer500Mini.png • Various Grunts 063Mini.png064Mini.png065Mini.png374Mini.png375Mini.png376Mini.png
Members (Thwapian Division) : Bozaka149Mini.pngGorga262Mini.png*Pudge352Mini.png* • Various Grunts 063Mini.png064Mini.png065Mini.png179Mini.png180Mini.png181Mini.png374Mini.png375Mini.png376Mini.png
Defected : Xavier065Mini.pngVivian609Mini.pngShadow Sirens478Mini.png477Mini.png*132Mini.png
Deceased/Deposed : Crump065Mini.png • Various Grunts063Mini.png064Mini.png065Mini.png374Mini.png375Mini.png376Mini.pngGrodus376Mini.png

Team Umbra
Members: UmbraLinaAmmyArikaNicoRobin
Affiliates : WakaKikiKaguyaSeishirouFuumaKaiTaggJennaAnthony NoxMaggieXerneasGiratinaX-NautsAnna 247Team Locke