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Crump was an Alakazam and Grodus' second in command of the X-Nauts. He opposed the group looking for the Crystal Stars in Boggly Woods, Keelhaul Key, and the X-Naut Fortress. In two of those locations, he did so by piloting a device known as the Magnus von Grapple. He was eventually killed when he burst open a hole in the X-Naut Fortress with a laser powered by pieces from the Dreamstalk while his cockpit was open, and got spaced.

Leaders : Nico*TEC*
Members (TEX Division) : Kamdida064Mini.pngSquealer500Mini.png • Various Grunts 063Mini.png064Mini.png065Mini.png374Mini.png375Mini.png376Mini.png
Members (Thwapian Division) : Bozaka149Mini.pngGorga262Mini.png*Pudge352Mini.png* • Various Grunts 063Mini.png064Mini.png065Mini.png179Mini.png180Mini.png181Mini.png374Mini.png375Mini.png376Mini.png
Defected : Xavier065Mini.pngVivian609Mini.pngShadow Sirens478Mini.png477Mini.png*132Mini.png
Deceased/Deposed : Crump065Mini.png • Various Grunts063Mini.png064Mini.png065Mini.png374Mini.png375Mini.png376Mini.pngGrodus376Mini.png