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TEC, also known as TEC-XX, is an AI created by Grodus to be the perfect computer. Grodus assigned him to gain Squealer's trust and make him sympathetic to the X-Naut cause. While TEC did accomplish this, he became friends with Squealer in the process and began to question his actions and ended up discovering Grodus' true intentions. He then tried to help Squealer escape, but had his memory wiped by Grodus. When the group with the Magical Map came to the X-Naut Fortress, they ended up restoring his memory, however.

Leaders : Nico*TEC*
Members (TEX Division) : Kamdida064Mini.pngSquealer500Mini.png • Various Grunts 063Mini.png064Mini.png065Mini.png374Mini.png375Mini.png376Mini.png
Members (Thwapian Division) : Bozaka149Mini.pngGorga262Mini.png*Pudge352Mini.png* • Various Grunts 063Mini.png064Mini.png065Mini.png179Mini.png180Mini.png181Mini.png374Mini.png375Mini.png376Mini.png
Defected : Xavier065Mini.pngVivian609Mini.pngShadow Sirens478Mini.png477Mini.png*132Mini.png
Deceased/Deposed : Crump065Mini.png • Various Grunts063Mini.png064Mini.png065Mini.png374Mini.png375Mini.png376Mini.pngGrodus376Mini.png