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Species: Metagross

Gender: None, but masculine personality

Nature: Adamant

Ability: Clear Body

Obtained: Palace Of Shadow

Ball: Dusk

Name Basis: A villain from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

General Description:



Grodus is a Metagross and former leader of the X-Nauts. His goal was to awaken the treasure that sleeps behind the Hundred Thousand Year Door and use it to wipe out humanity and re-establish the Alakagross Civilization. In order to accomplish this, he attempted to kidnap and turn Squealer to his side to get him possessed by the treasure. When this did not work, he took him by force behind the door.

Known Moves:


Nico's Team
On Hand : Nazca561Mini.pngLancelot475Mini.pngBella196Mini.pngKlunk103Mini.pngQ606Mini.pngOrlando282Mini.pngCopernicus338Mini.pngHelen122Mini.pngMozilla655Mini.pngO'Malley678mMini.pngIka687Mini.pngGrodus376Mini.png
At PEFE HQ / Elsewhere : Melman203Mini.pngBetelgeuse121Mini.pngOpera124Mini.png
Leading : Thwapian X-Nauts063Mini.png064Mini.png065Mini.png374Mini.png375Mini.png376Mini.png
As last seen in: Hoenn-2

Leaders : Nico*TEC*
Members (TEX Division) : Kamdida064Mini.pngSquealer500Mini.png • Various Grunts 063Mini.png064Mini.png065Mini.png374Mini.png375Mini.png376Mini.png
Members (Thwapian Division) : Bozaka149Mini.pngGorga262Mini.png*Pudge352Mini.png* • Various Grunts 063Mini.png064Mini.png065Mini.png179Mini.png180Mini.png181Mini.png374Mini.png375Mini.png376Mini.png
Defected : Xavier065Mini.pngVivian609Mini.pngShadow Sirens478Mini.png477Mini.png*132Mini.png
Deceased/Deposed : Crump065Mini.png • Various Grunts063Mini.png064Mini.png065Mini.png374Mini.png375Mini.png376Mini.pngGrodus376Mini.png