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Species: Solrock

Gender: None (Masculine voice)

Nature: Serious

Ability: Levitate

Obtained: Snagged on the Team Glacier Airship during the Orre arc.

Ball: ???

Name Basis: Nicolas Copernicus, who first proposed the earth revolved around the sun

General Description:


Bio: Pending

Known Moves:

Coming soon

Trivia: Pending

Nico's Team
On Hand : Nazca561Mini.pngLancelot475Mini.pngBella196Mini.pngKlunk103Mini.pngQ606Mini.pngOrlando282Mini.pngCopernicus338Mini.pngHelen122Mini.pngMozilla655Mini.pngO'Malley678mMini.pngIka687Mini.pngGrodus376Mini.png
At PEFE HQ / Elsewhere : Melman203Mini.pngBetelgeuse121Mini.pngOpera124Mini.png
Leading : Thwapian X-Nauts063Mini.png064Mini.png065Mini.png374Mini.png375Mini.png376Mini.png
As last seen in: Hoenn-2