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Jenna Crescendo is a Fire type trainer and Pianis' rival.


Jenna wears warm summer clothing wherever she goes, since she has a team capable of making hot, sunny weather regardless of the local climate. She keeps her hair fairly short for the same reason. She generally prefers outfits that show a lot of skin and bare her midriff, though this is more because she finds them comfortable than to attract attention.


Jenna tries to be a kind and caring person, but is also short-tempered and quick to anger, giving her a fiery personality. She does try to be a good person and a role model for her siblings, but many times her ideals and the J-Team's ideals clash, leading to conflicts. She also doesn't handle weirdness well, and has a tendency to hold grudges for a long while.


Jenna and Pianis used to be in a romantic relationship, but have broken up.

In the PMD-B universe, Jenna (as a Volcarona) is the mother of Ammy.

Jenna has three younger siblings named Lily, Kyle, and Matthew.

Jenna does not like the J-Team in general, and Tagg in particular, after he severely injured her when she was disguised as a Cipher Peon.

Further Details

  • Age: 24
  • Birthday: June 21, 1993
  • Starter Pokémon: Iris the Volcarona
  • First appearance: Page 5920
  • Pokéform: Larvesta
  • Favorite color: Red
  • Likes: Summer, summer clothing, triple battles, the move Heat Wave
  • Dislikes: Winter clothing

Jenna's Team



  • Jenna's name is a reference to Golden Sun: The Lost Age, where it is the name of a Mars (Fire) Adept. Matthew is similarly named. Likewise, Iris is named after the most powerful Mars element summon.
  • Jenna only owns Pokémon from Generations I, V, or VI.
  • Every Pokémon in Jenna's team knows Heat Wave. Her battle strategy is similar to Pianis; she mainly fights by blasting all opponents with a sun boosted triple Heat Wave.
  • In addition to being a trainer, Jenna is a registered move tutor capable of teaching Fire-type moves, including Heat Wave, Fire Punch, Fire Pledge, and Blast Burn. She accepts payment for her services in Red Shards, despite not knowing what they do.
  • Like Pianis, every Pokémon in Jenna's team is weak to Rock attacks.
  • Fittingly, Jenna was born on the 1993 Summer Solstice.
Jenna's Team
On Hand : Iris637Mini.pngKuzunoha038Mini.pngIllumina609Mini.pngFafnir006Mini.pngCinnamon514Mini.pngKagero059Mini.pngLulu655Mini.pngSunstrider668fMini.png
As last seen in: Hoenn-2