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▶▒ A▒, simplified as > A and also known as the Flickering Thing or often simply The Glitch, is a Glitch Pokémon and the main antagonist of the Re: Glitch Arc.


In Kalos, a backup copy of FutureOS that came to be known as XANADOS pitted some of the J-Team against digital copies of their former enemies, as well as one of Jane. In a last ditch effort, she used the reality-warping powers of her digital Jane to attempt to recreate Missingno. Although it was incomplete before she was defeated, she managed to smuggle the little bit she did manage to recreate into reality, safe from deletion. The fragment of glitch that survived became known as ▶▒ A▒. Eventually, it made its way to Sinnoh, where it started glitching parts of the reason, and creating its own Glitch motes.


▶▒ A▒ does not seem to have the malicious personality its "template" had; instead, ▶▒ A▒ is a curious, playful, and amiable thing. It seems to have an obsession with red and some sort of Eldritch affection for Joseph's Vivillon, Tinpthed. This is uncertain, though, as its speech consists mostly of ]jjibhflkugiche gfhuutufj[ and the occasional coherent word or name, including its own.

Powers and Abilities

▶▒ A▒'s powers are mostly unknown as of yet. In its early stages, it had been shown to affect colors; it has turned Tinpthed's wings, one of Joseph's shirts, and several Haruba sand dunes glitch-patterned, turned several patches of grass magenta, briefly recolored the entire bottom half of Doradan's outfit lime green, and made a small zone of redscale visuals, which it removed upon accidentally frightening Tinpthed.

During the final battle of the Re: Glitch Arc, ▶▒ A▒ showed the ability to cause a Dragon Break, known as The Pause, and created Glitch facsimiles of the J-Team's past foes for them to fight in twisted recreations of their original battles. When they fought the Glitch itself, it mimicked other Glitches such as 'M, Missingno, and the Female Symbol, and transformed into the Deoxys Horde, Edge, Queen Sectonia, The Administrator and the Stormchaser.