Queen Sectonia

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Queen Sectonia was a Vespiquen native to the Dream World.


Sectonia was a vain, cruel ruler who believed herself to be a perfect, divinely beautiful being.


In battle, she showed many unusual abilities including teleportation, dual wielding staves that can turn into rapiers, and summoning minions at will through portals. Her most powerful ability was the attack known as Light of Ruin, the same attack used to end the Kalos war 3,000 years ago.


Sectonia was the former queen of the sky kingdom Floralia. A group of five Floette captured by Sectonia sent a seed down to the Dream World's surface, hoping it would bring a hero that could save them from their plight. This seed grew into the Dreamstalk. Sectonia's servant Taranza flew down to the surface and captured King Dedede, who he believed to be the hero. In response, Mezzo and Bandanna Puff formed the King's Krew to rescue him. After a long chase, the Krew eventually confronted Sectonia in her throne room. She attempted to merge with the Dreamstalk and devour all of the Dream World, but was confronted by the Krew shortly afterward. She was killed by Doc using a Light Screen to reflect her own Light of Ruin back at her.