Bandanna Puff

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Bandanna Puff is a Jigglypuff native to the Dream World.


Bandanna Puff technically has no name, but is semi-nicknamed after his most distinctive feature, a blue bandanna that he is never seen without. He also carries a spear, which he occasionally uses in combat.


Bandanna Puff is a loyal servant to King Dedede, and truly believes that the king is the rightful ruler of the Dream World. He is protective of his king, but usually isn't able to accomplish that much in his service.


Bandanna Puff is well aware of the rivalry between Dedede and Mezzo.


When Dedede was kidnapped by a mysterious Ledian and taken to the top of a giant beanstalk, Bandanna Puff gathered a group of Pokémon including Mezzo to form a rescue party.