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Team Asimov Logo, by JG.

Who Are Team Asimov

Team Asimov is a Space Based organization dedicated to building a future for humanity and Pokemon among the stars as non violently as possible. Unlike many others who bare the name "Team", Asimov seeks to get people to join through offering services and the possibility of being part of building a peaceful future with them, though this approach also limits their manpower as not everyone is actively interested in joining such a team.

Notable Figures

There are 3 most notable names among the Team who serve as leaders and inspirations for the others.

  • Ezekiel Thriers
  • Johnathan McGreggor
  • Carol Barton

Ezekiel or rather Zeke is the leader of the team and built it up in the first place, having been inspired by classic science fiction to finally get up and off his butt to do so, lacking the technical knowledge he serves more as the dreamer of sorts, having set most of their general rules and moral outlines the team follows, hoping to set a good standard to avoid a lot of what he feels is grimdark science fiction.

Johnathan, or Johnny is a scientist, though he prefers the term "engineer" when asked, and served as the big source of technological development the team currently relies on. Johnny has provided a lot of innovation from the company's use of the Porygon Robot Body, or PRB, to the development of the Asimov Engine, something considered by him to be a Miracle. He's rather cynical and serves as a alternating voice to offset what he considers hopeless optimism from his boss.

Carol actually used to be part of another space program and had the most experience with everything related to EVA and 0G activity and was happy to join up with another space program, having missed her time in space greatly she quickly volunteered and started to provide what information she could on what space travel would be like. She'd consider herself a drifter with only one major goal, get back into space and just bum about, though considering her current status as a founder she's found that difficult.


Team Asimov was formed in 2011 with the express goal of getting to space, and more specifically Mars. Johnathan noted it was possible but they just didn't have the tech to do so at the time, so they opted to start building themselves up slowly and begun work on various projects to earn the money to do so, such as the PRB which were marketed to various industrial companies looking to make use of unmanned smart tech run by Porygons. Each success slowly built up and the 3 had begun to recruit others to their organization and began to expand outwards.

2014 saw them buy a island off the coast of Unova with the funds they had acquired over the past 3 years which would act as the staging ground for a lot of their future operations, including the building of probes and satellites while working on the needed parts for their rocket over the years. The Team was finally coming together at last and Zeke was getting excited about finally achieving his dream.

It was in 2017 when thanks to the help of Magnemite pokemon, Johnny broke the equation needed to make the Asimov Engine work, with this now in hand the team was free to start assembling their rocket, the Odysseus. It took 3 days to reach Mars safely and they took a week there setting up the base and the future location of various Mars domes for the terraforming effort, though projected efforts state that it will take well over a hundred years to do so.

In early 2019 it became clear to the team that the Odysseus Rocket was no longer viable, that the Asimov Engine hadn't been the miracle and that new issues were being detected among their engines. Current models of rocketry take a week and a half to reach Mars on a low burn, though they have found work-arounds to a few of their issues.

In mid 2020 the Company achieved a rotating space habitat known as the Persephone to act as their new Space Hotel and presence in space, in September they held the first wedding on the station.

Current activity

Asimov is currently just developing its rocket technology to improve the distance traveled for manned flight, there is currently a unmanned PRB presence out in the Asteroid belt scouring the asteroids for the needed resources to really kickstart everything, Zeke remains on Earth with the others, Asimov only limited by the manpower and resources needed. Research has resumed upon correcting up the Asimov engine and getting the powerful 1 G burn back.