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The Pokésona Arc is the media arc that ran alongside to Re: Glitch, and ran concurrent with the Return to AU Arc.

Welcome to the Velvet Room... An ancient prisoner has escaped her confinement - and Cresselia and Darkrai charge Hoopa with her recapture! But Hoopa needs help, and he gets another ancient being to enlist and prepare members of the J-Team. Called to fight in the Collective Unconsciousness, a group of the J-Team is given the power to give form to aspects of their souls and minds - Persona and Pokésona. But to capture the fugitive Izanami the J-Team must venture deep within the Fog, where they must confront enemies that even they may not be able to overcome... Themselves.

Major Events

  • Izanami escapes her prison.
  • Unknown to most, Edward Thames is chosen by an unknown entity.
  • In response, members of the J-team are chosen and become "The Contractors".
  • Mondo, SleepyHead, Joseph, Jacob, Lane, and Pentigan all face their Shadow Selves and claim their Personas and Pokésonas.
  • The unknown entity grants Thames his Persona, Magatsu-Izanagi.
  • The Velvet Room becomes unstable as Ren's and a few other contractor's fates become unstable.
  • Ren and the other contractors face Shadow Ren and are defeated, but are saved by the Velvet Siblings.
  • Dune and Deziree face their Shadow Selves and claim their Personas.
  • Thames attacks the Pyrite Police Station defeating Lillith and injuring Sherles.
  • Ren reveals basic information on the Velvet Room, its denizens, and the contract to recapture Izanami to the J-Team as a whole.
  • Des and Daydre and Silent face their Shadow Selves and claim their Personas.
  • The Contractors enter the final dungeon and hep Verax claim his Persona.
  • Philemon gifts each of the Contractors a medallion-like trinket.
  • News of People and Pokémon falling victim to a mysterious illness dubbed "Apathy Syndrome" begins to spread.
  • The Contractors face Mikuratana-no-Kami but are forced to retreat with the aid of Reynart.
  • The Contrators defeat Mikuratana-no-Kami.
  • Hi-no-Kagutsuchi abducts Psyche.
  • The Contractors defeat Hi-no-Kagustuchi after multiple Contractors achieve their Ultimate Personas and Ultimate Pokesonas
  • Verax and Jacob investigate the Hollow Forest.
  • The other Contractors face Kunio-Sagiri, but are nearly defeated.
  • Kunino-Sagiri is defeated when the Starter Pokesonas return in new, fused forms.
  • Marie is abducted and her origins are revealed by Igor and Philemon.
  • The Contractors head to the Hollow Forest and face a Possessed Marie.
  • The Contractors Free Marie by defeating Kusumi-no-Okami
  • Marie uses the knowlege she absorbed from Kusumi-no-Okami to lead the Contractors to the Magatsu Mandala
  • Verax and Dune fight Thames while the other Contractors fight a horde of Reapers
  • Ameno-Sagiri reveals itself as the manipulator of Thames
  • The Fog begins to leak out in Sinnoh.
  • The Contractors find Izanami in Sinnoh.
  • The Contractors face Izanami in the Collective Unconsciousness.
  • Izanami reveals her true form - Izanami-no-Okami - and unleashes Myriad Curses.
  • The Contractors Arcana gain gold borders signifying the have achieved the power of The World Arcana, granting them new power.
  • The Contractors' Ultimate Personas and Pokésonas gain their Signature Attacks and are able to break through Myriad Curses.
  • After an intense barrage, Izanami is Left severely weakened and is sent back to her prison by Hoopa Unbound.
  • Philemon, as a reward for upholding their contract, grants the Contractors the use of their Personas and Pokésonas signature attacks in the Contractor's Pokéforms.
  • Philemon takes back the Contractor's Keys and bid the Contractors well, promising to always watch over them.


  • Several of the J-Team are formally introduced to the Velvet Room and its denizens.
  • Several of the J-Team claim their Personas and Pokésonas
  • The Contractors are formed and defeat Edward Thames and Izanami
  • The Contractors gain the Signature Moves of their Personas and Pokésonas

Arc Information

  • Ren gains his Persona, Abe no Seimei.
  • Mendel gains his Persona, Pythagoras.
  • Dune gains his Persona, Siegfried
  • Deziree gains her Pokésona, Ptah.
  • Jacob gains his Persona, Shiva
  • Verax gains his Persona, Matador
  • Lisa gains her Pokésona, Fitcher's Vogel.
  • Sleepyhead gains her Pokésona, Phobetor.
  • Lane gains his Pokésona, Yomotsu-Ikusa.
  • Lyuri gains her Persona, Himiko
  • Mondo gains his Pokésona, Sukona-Hikona
  • Joseph gains his Persona, Lin Bu.
  • Silent gains his Persona, Al-mi'raj
  • Daydre gains her Persona, Huli Jing
  • Des gains his Persona, Muramasa
  • Pentigan gains his Persona, Gulduar
  • Ren is granted his signature attack Mystical Meteor.
  • Mendel is granted his signature attack, Tracer Beam.
  • Dune is granted his signature attack, Machinegun Fist
  • Deziree is granted her signature attack, Inspired Shot
  • Jacob is granted his signature attack, Kakuyoku Sanren
  • Verax is granted his signature attack, Debilitate
  • Lisa is granted her signature attack, Golden Flame
  • Sleepyhead is granted her signature attack, Calming Wave
  • Lane is granted his signature attack, Flame Swathe
  • Mondo is granted his signature attack, Moon Maul
  • Joseph is granted his signature attack, Blackflower Blossom
  • Silent is granted his signature attack, Amethyst Sigil
  • Daydre is granted her signature attack, New Moon
  • Des is granted his signature attack, Eternal Blade
  • Pentigan is granted his signature attack, Shadow Fusion

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  • This Media arc is based on the Persona series of the Shin Megami Tensei franchise, primarily taking its plot and story queues from Persona 4: Golden.
  • Several demons and creatures from other Shin Megami Tensei games make appearances as well.