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The Return to AU Arc is a branched-plot arc following the events in the Alternate Timeline about a year after the Scolemis war. Things were marching mostly fine, but then... Egad! The ninjas dragon clans are uprising! They have betrayed everyone and turned humanity into mons! PEFE would try to help but their hands… er, paws, are full! Chaos and disarray are the order of the day as the dragons move out to assert their dominion everywhere! Are you a badass enough character to stop them? Because if not… humanity will be extinct and PMD-B will happen!


After the events of the Alternate Timeline Arc, the world is more or less at peace. However, some peoplemons are quite malcontent with the recent chains of events. At the core of this dissatisfaction lies the Dragon Clans and the Draconic Council, a group of speciesist / elitist dragons who believe humans are unfit to be at the central focus of the Pokéverse, because of all of the damage they have done with their hunt for power and godhood (yeah, way to measure all of humanity out of Cyrus of all people). They decide that since they are dragons, and hence awesome by default, they should be at the focus of the Pokéverse instead.

However, with humans under protection by the Legendaries and The Vow under effect, dragons can not risk an uprising that would see them as drastically punished as the ancient Alakagross Precursors were. So instead they turn to one of their own to search for a loophole abuse, which they find in the form of a magitek superWEPON that turns all humans around it into mons.

The dragons arrange for a worldwide deployment of these WEPONs, essentially removing humans from the equation altogether and thus metaphorically tying the Legendaries' hands, who can not intervene when the dragons forcefully push themselves to the center stage by invading the entire world, just as the Scolemis forces did in their day.

However, there is one thing the dragons did not count on -- PEFE has learned of this sequence of actions and its eventual consequences in a very far future, and set out to contain, and possibly reverse, the damage that has been done. The warriors that not long ago fought to free the world from Artemis and Scolipede's grasp - not to mention Cyrus's presence in the shadows - now jump again into the fray to defeat the dragons and hopefully recover the presence of humanity on the face of the planet. If they fail to do so… PMD-B will happen.

Major Events

  • The various Dragon Clans lead by the Seven Jerk Dragons carry out a worldwide attack with magitek bombs that turn all humans into Pokémon. The largest and most important cities such as Castelia are attacked first, while landmarks of Legendary value such as the DST are left last, along with Sinnoh.
  • In Sinnoh, DS disappears and her mons look around for her.
  • PEFE HQ is attacked by surprise, but their forces weren't enough to secure a takeover.
  • The dragons attack Sinnoh, but thanks to the efforts of DS, Tagg, Tracer, and their mons, along with surprise help from Drake, they end up getting beat back.

The arc is divided in campaigns by location.

Arc Information

(For planning and design check also Arc Development:RtAU)

  • Players Joining:
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  • Players Leaving:
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  • Antagonists:
    • The Seven Jerk Dragons
    • Occupation forces in each of the main regions.
    • Named characters leading the draconic clans and forces?
  • New Characters:
    • listing...



This arc spawns two possible timelines, and is sibling to an alternate timeline. In the first spawned timeline, the mon!humans efforts to restore mankind that were led by PEFE are fruitless, and even though the dragon domination is eventually thwarted the world decays towards a full-mon society; hundreds of years pass and this eventually becomes the world PMD-B takes place in. The other timeline is the result of the arc being played and the various characters eventually managing to restore mankind, thus "winning". Celebi speaks of a sibling timeline born very soon after the dragons started preparing for the Uprising, where seven Pokémon were chosen to confront the Seven Jerk Dragons and defeat them, thus quelling the Uprising before the main bombing took place.


  • RtAU was the longest active arc at nearly four years, though Re: Glitch holds the record for longest continuous arc.
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