Return to AU Arc/Johto Campaign

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This page is for the events taking place in the Johto side of activities during the Return to AU Arc.

The campaign's main branch runs on this thread following events in centerland Johto.

Main Events

The cities of Goldenrod and Olivine are the first in Johto to be hit by the dragons. Ecruteak, due to its position as being Ho-Oh's perch, is held safe from direct attack. Blackthorn City, being the closest to the Dragon Holy Land, is allied with the invaders. The eastern side (New Bark, etc) is initially isolated from attacks due to the focus on the main peninsula and the afterward of the initial attacks on Kanto.

The dragons are led by a figure of name Qoriik, member of the Seven Jerk Dragons, though it does not make itself present during the attack. Instead the first wave of attackers is led by a group of Sinn mons such as Sotsinak the Garchomp. They bring along various troops from Hoenn, such as Troll Pelliper who circle around using Protect to shield the draconic airships. After the dragons's troops start raiding Goldenrod and disabling human infrastructure such as the Magnet Train they are faced with opposition from inside and outside the city that manages to take down the first wave of invaders. However after that the city falls under draconic paws.

Other details

  • Shortly before the invasion, Icelus was running a political campaign for the presidency of Johto, aiming to be the first Mon president (at least recorded in "recent" history).
  • Ecruteak is the first city to start active resistance, as they have a nascent, dedicated strike-back branch.
  • Draconic troops in the city went around snatching baby mons and humons to be indoctrinated and educated in the worship of the dragons as gods.
  • First used as a refugee camp, the Pokéathlon Dome is eventually taken over by the dragons and eventually used as a relocation and extermination camp.
  • To face opposition inside the city areas, eventually the Owsla open membership to mons of various species non-native to the area.
  • The events of the early campaign give rise to the Miltank Legion.