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The Alternate Timeline is an offshot of the main timeline of the WAAPT Multiverse. Events happening here are said to take place in "the AU" (for "alternate universe").

This timeline was forked by Cyrus as an attempts to rewrite history to his own will by using the powers of Dialga, this happened by the end of the Gold Conference and was predicted by some inscriptions the team found sometime. The timeline has a self-standing past of about four years before the fork, time during which, using again the powers of Dialga and Celebi, Cyrus captured all of the Legendaries (except for the Johto Gerbils) and imprisoned in a cage dimension.

At the end of the AU Arc, the timeline was to be erased as Cyrus was defeated, but the Creation Trio allowed it to exist as an universe of its own, thus officially branching a WAAPT Multiverse. The split was not free of glitches however as it was a very delicate process - among the known glitches is the consolidation of a single Anom entity in the multiverse.

Some time after peace was achieved, seven dragon clans arose against the rest of the world by forcibly turning all of mankind into Pokémon. This turns this timeline's progression into a mon verse, closer in concept to what the PMD verse is, and thus creates a mon future known as PMD-B.

The Another Universe is a completely different universe with a different timeline of its own.

Past Events

Distant Past

  • Ori, rather than getting sent through time, ends up dying normally.
  • Umbra ends up getting sealed inside an orb.
  • Diane's grandmother doesn't go to PMD-A as a child.

Near Past

  • Blue beats Red during their final confrontation, and the latter ends up becoming Viridian City Gym Leader.
  • Gamer fails to save Hoenn and it ends up being inundated during Kyogre's rampage.
  • DS cannot stop Giratina and thus Sinnoh is sunk into the Distortion.
  • The various Legendaries are captured by Cyrus.
  • PEFE is taken over by its management AI, PEFeDOS.

During the War

  • Many of the residents of Celadon and Saffron (known collectively as Celafron) were murdered by Lanius, a Samurott and general of Scolemis's army, and the troops in his order.
  • A giant Druddigon was unleashed on Goldenrod, however it was defeated and the damage repaired.
  • A Dragonite blew up Mt. Chimney, creating a massive lava leak that engulfed Lavaridge and Fallarbor and other nearby areas.

Near Future

(After the introductory AU arc)

  • Fool is captured and executed because of her involvement in the war.
  • A widescale adoption program for mons involved in the war is carried out.
  • The Glitch Nidorino emerges.
  • AU!Tagg uses Groudon's power to restore Hoenn to its original state.

Arcs Taking Place Here