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The Alternate Timeline Arc, is an arc that begins when Cyrus does something that changes the recent history of time in the WAAPT-verse, creating an alternate timeline. In this new timeline, the Legendaries have been absent for a long time, two Pokémon have taken control of Unova, the Trainers have had a diverging recent history and are living their lives there, but they notice something is not right when they realize they suddenly have the ability to understand Monese, a trait carried over from the original timeline.

The Trainers must recover their original memories to realize something is wrong and then battle in various fronts against the forces of the new Unovan Kingdom rules by Artemis and Scolipede. But things get complicated when Unova launches a mass-attack to raid and conquer the lands of Kanto, Johto and Hoenn.

Major Events

  • The Alternate Timeline is created and eventually forked from the main WAAPT timeline.
  • Sinnoh is a wasteland due to the events of the Distortion not having been stopped by DS and the effect having spread all across the region.
  • The forces of Unova invade the "big four" sans Sinnoh, though they are eventually defeated after the Trainers manage to awaken the Legendaries.
  • A Resistance force fights to take Unova back from Artemis and Scolipede.



  • Sunny is revealed as the Hero of Ideals in the alternate timeline.
  • The Entralink is setup as a multiverse hub.

Arc Information

  • Players Joining:
  • Players Leaving:

Arc begins with post ???? (page ????) and ends in page ????.



  • The Sinnoh Cubone Tribe.
  • Red.
  • Goldenrod Owsla.


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