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The Orange Islands Arc is the more-or-less freeform arc that followed the events of the Alternate Timeline. The Trainers gathered in Vermillion to board a ship that takes them to the Orange Archipelago. Once there, they split in groups and spread around, following different plans for their vacations; however for some reason the islands have turned into a set of various videogame-based puzzles and dungeons, and soon larger plots begin to form.

Major Events

  • Battle against Nihilist!Tagg.
  • Fool is taken over by Majora's Mask.
  • The group meets Pleo.
  • Halloween Party 2011.
  • Pleo is captured by the Ferno and his Delta Pokémon. The J-Team fights to get him back.
  • After defeating Ferno, Pleo is returned to his dad, but not without misunderstandings.

Gym Challenge

The following Trainers ran the Orange Islands League challenge:

Arc Information



  • Pleo and Nix are established as a Heart of Gold and Soul of Silver respectively.
  • Delta Pokémon are established as a concept.
  • Armbands having a mode lock feature if someone is caught while in mon form is established.
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