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The Hoenn 2011 Arc is the arc that followed after the Orange Islands. The group heads to Hoenn where they find evidence that Team Magma and Team Aqua are resurfacing, however, more players enter the fray when there is a sudden surge of named teams.

Major Events

  • Several players entered each others' Mindscapes.
  • The Reveal about Crewe from Mew.
  • Some players entered the Pokéringer to stop Team Ozone, Neo Team Magma, and Neo Team Aqua from getting the trophy, which contained the Jade Orb. However, in the end Jet wins and takes the Jade Orb. It is quickly stolen from him though.
  • Team Ozone airship battle.
  • Battle against Charon on Mt. Pyre.
  • 1 year Anniversary party in Sootopolis.

Gym Challenge

The following Trainers ran the Hoenn League challenge:

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