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Species / Morph Starly
Gender Female
Nature Adorable
Age Info 2 yrs old born on Jul 24, yr 4 after PEFE
Poké Ball Poké?
Obtained by Bred hatched in DS's Villa
Favourite Food [nuts]!
Rival The Silly Pidgeys.
"...zzZzz... ...Teammate... ...Family..."

Shahinne is Silent's female Starly. She is the child of Roc and Tagg's Ditto, and has Copahue and Harriet as adoptive parents.

She was bred and hatched near the end of the Golden Conference arc at DS's Villa. She got along with Salamence whom she decided to call aunt. At a very young age she got to the summit of the Bell Tower with Maekrite and Silent, where they met Ho-Oh.

During Silent's trip to the Orange Islands Shahinne was taken under Copahue's wing, with the recently added Ichtacya to cover for the Fearow's lack of self-confidence. She is also stated to have once enjoyed Lenore's tales.

Shahinne is, overall, much trusting a mon. Her Ability is Keen Eye, preventing accuracy loss. Her most performant move is Peck (by far). Her Nature is Adorable. She likes [nuts] as a food. Because Harriet is her adoptive mother she considers herself a Murkrow and thus responds to other Murkrows's Call for Partner.

Shahinne has almost been nomed by Mina a couple of times when she flies too low in the streets of Goldenrod, much to Harriet's displeasure.

Shahinne's birthday is July 24th. Her name was given to her by Every.

During the Unova-2 Arc Shahinne stayed at Goldenrod under Roc's wing, training (or rather, skipping on her training sessions). Later during Orre she is also kept off the region for her own safety (and because Roc wouldn't let Silent alive otherwise). She does go on a small excursion to the Ilex Forest with her father because she recalls meeting the GS Celebi, and they end up meeting again while Maekrite is being Purified.

During the Kalos Arc Shahinne stays with Silent's team. She mostly frolicks around, keeps skipping on her training sessions, and meets Yveltal, with whom she trades for a [bag of souls]. After the Kalos Arc, she stays at PEFE HQ with her adoptive parents for a while as the coop at PEFE Goldenrod s being repurposed.

Silent takes the whole family to Hoenn for the second Hoenn Arc, and the three usually argue in the background over whether to cross through the Fallarbor road (with the soot and all) or otherwise skip to other areas.

Her name is pronounced more or less like this: Shahinne (spelling).


By the time Generation 11 or so rolls around, Shahinne has grown to become a Staraptor with much physical strength, though still subpar compared to her father. She also becomes the lead of Silent's team at the time as Maekrite is removed from the team due to undisclosed matters. She comes to the WAAPT!Present in Hoenn together with the GS Celebi to warn Silent about Tangent (and others) being stranded in a displaced timecoordinate where the Mirage Island is stuck.


Shahinne is, above most things, a very self-centered Pokémon. Ever since hatching from her egg she has been used to being spoiled and appreciated by her beauty; she is also used to hang around people and overall disliked being left alone. She appreciates being a member of a team and having a concept of family of her own - one that she has, more or less, assembled by herself.

Because of the way she has been raised (not that we are going to fault Copahue and Harriet here) Shahinne is used to get what she wants by either insistent pecking or by being pretty and behaving in an adorable manner, thus, she does not like to have to fight to get what she wants, and she does not appreciate ethereal or abstract rewards either: if you're going to tell her that you love her, you better show it by brushing her feathers or giving her a hug. She can sometimes appear to be greedy, however it is not having the prize that matter to her but gaining it instead.

As a child, she is also prone to asking questions about questions and to expect answers to be literal, which sometimes gets grating for her father when he has to do the explaining. However she does have enough of an open mind at her age to try some roundabout ways when it comes to getting what she wants, for example when she wanted to get Dintel off Silent's head to perch there, she got tired of pecking the Pokémon's plates and instead resorted to try and push him off-balance with alternating Wing Attacks.

By far however the best display of her ability to be focused on a goal and think with an open mind is the management of her clones, which even in big numbers are able to display enough apparent independence to fool Copahue or Harriet (but not Roc), and some of them even seem to have distinct personality traits different from each other (there is a "designated" guilt-tripper clone, for example). It is telling that over four months after being spawned, one of her clones is still hosting a radio talk show.

While not as awakened and useful as her father's, Shahinne has some degree of Hyper Awareness. It is most of times useful to her goals, however it is also a cause of discomfort to her as she still hasn't learnt to effectively communicate to others what she is sensing and thus her opinions and warnings can be dismissed as petty calls for attention, such as what happened in Hoenn when searching for Dintel.

Overall Shahinne can be described as a childish, sweet and devious mon. One that you should be careful to dismiss the wishes of, were she to fully evolve.

Battle Technique

Shahinne's battle technique centers around the moves Double Team and Peck. She makes a number of clones of herself, which look and feel much like their own mons, then attacks with repeated and insistent pecking. From her father she has inherited a degree of Hyper Awareness that enables her to instinctively and efficiently find open spaces and trace paths; this skill, known as Gap Prober, allows her to hurl items or attack directly through gaps. She also has become very proficent at economizing effort for some of her attacks, and is thus a PP Saver, in particular when it comes to Peck.

She also knows Steel Wing, passed down to her by her father, and is being currently trained to use Endeavor and Whirlwind.

Movepool for Shahinne
Type Move Acquisition Performance  ??? Notes
TypeNormal.gif Tackle Natural ★★
TypeNormal.gif Growl Natural ★★
TypeFlying.gif Peck Natural ★★★★ PP Saver allows her to Peck a lot.
TypeFlying.gif Wing Attack Natural ★★★ Doesn't like to use it as it hurts her wings.
TypeNormal.gif Quick Attack Natural ★★★
TypeNormal.gif Double Team Natural ★★★★★ This is dangerous!
TypeNormal.gif Endeavor Natural Being taught by Roc.
TypeNormal.gif Whirlwind Natural Being taught by Roc.
TypeSteel.gif Steel Wing Bred ★★ From Roc.
TypeNormal.gif Secret Power TM ★★★ Her clones can get varying Secret Power effects.
TypeFire.gif Sunny Day Tutor Learned from Frightful.
The list above may not be exhaustive. ID=Shahinne

Moves to be learned: Aerial Ace, Take Down, Agility, Brave Bird, Roost, Air Cutter (tutored?), Uproar (tutored?), Astonish (tutored from Salamence?), Fury Attack (tutored from Copahue or Salamence?), Heat Wave (tutored), Twister (tutored).

If Shahinne were to learn Hidden Power, its type would be TypePsychic.gif.

Shahinne's Clones have a good amount of apparent independence, to the point sometimes other mons can't distinguish them from the real thing. Still, they simply pop out of existence with a *poof* if they receive any sort of extended or strong contact. Roc can trivially distinguish the real Shahinne among a flock of clones and can easily snatch the real, elusive bird in fly.

Shahinne can also use Secret Power and is in the process of learning Whirlwind. When she and her clones use Secret Power, each clone gets the apparent power type of the terrain each is in at the moment. She also is learning Endeavor, but does not like to use it, nor does she like Wing Attack.


  • Almost ate Algira not even five minutes after being born.
  • Helped defeat Drake's Dragonite.
  • Through extensive use of Double Team, summoned an army of clones, very nearly taking over the city of Fallarbor.
  • By similar means, participated in the Pokeringer Tournament as trainer of a Starly.
  • Helped evict various parasite mons from Salamence's Fluffspace with help from Cirrus.
  • Dentisted a Rhydon in PMD-B. The molar -- which she got her beak stuck in -- was given to Roc as a gift.
  • One of her clones hosts a radio talk show.
  • Met Yveltal and ITEM GET'd a bag of souls.


  • LittleBirdShipping (with Riana)


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In the AU

She doesn't exist in the alternate timeline.

In Silent's Fic!Verse

In this 'verse, Shahinne was hatched from Roc and a random Staravia♀. She is then given to a Sinnoh trainer to raise when Roc has to leave the nest to follow Tagg to Unova. After a phase of depression at her Staravia morph that lasts for a couple of years, she grows up to become a Staraptor much confident and much versatile in movement, to the point she only needs to sway swiftly to evade attacks such as Tunderbolt.

In time Shahinne becomes the second-in-command of her Trainer's team as well as a somewhat reluctant aerial ride. In this 'verse she acquires the Wishing Star Limit Break after training with Foreign!mence. Her best performing moves are Aerial Ace and Fury Attack, and among her taught moves she knows Echoed Voice and Ominous Wind.

Eventually and at a time of great peril, Rayquaza decrees Shahinne is to lead a force of avian mons that have to take back one of the gods's respite spots in the world (others being eg.: the Sky Pillar) when it is under siege by forces of evil.

Shahinne is not tied to Silent or to any PEFE members besides Tagg in this continuity, and even after evolving into a Staravia does not meet her parents again until adulthood.

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