Silent's Lileep

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Silent's Lileep
Species / Morph Lileep
Gender Male
Nature unknown
Age Info unknown
Poké Ball Poké Ball
Obtained by From PEFE
Favourite food Feebas
"wooooosh" and other unintelligible garbles

Lileep is Silent's... well, Lileep that he got right before the Orange Islands arc from a fossil given to him during the Gold Conference. This Lileep specimen likes to loaf and dance around in the shores or undersea. He tends to anchor himself to Silent's arm or leg and to wrap people's arms with his tentacles, though he is not much aware that such maneuvers could be hurting for the receiver.

Lileep does not have much appreciation for "land-dwellers", that is, any mammalian or in general ground-bound Pokémon. He does keep some memories of being one of a wave of Lileep that once swarmed the seafloor and marched towards an undetermined island to raid the land in the name of the Godess of the Sea Kyogre. He usually dances to the setting sun and announces himself with a "woooosh" to whoever will want to pay attention to him.

A very patient individual, Lileep has a fondness for Feebas as a lunch, which he doesn't mind hunting for and even snatching from people - much to the PEFE caretakers concern when they host Lileep in one of the water habitats.

For some time Jemma had in her evil plans to (forcibly) recruit Lileep as part of her team of world domination. Lileep doesn't concern himself with this and the inconveniences that follow much, though he seems to like playing along.


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In the Suocéverse

  • Lileep originates from the protagonist character in Sixth (link) (not to be confused with the troper), where his origin story in this continuity is explained.

Silent's Team
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"Digital World"(?): PEFEgon #0x0052
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