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Roc is Tagg's male Staraptor, a very lazy Pokémon who won't make the effort to write his own wiki page, but has enough Hyper Awareness to know that someone is just doing so anyway. He was captured alongside Shinx (later Luxray) about three years previous to the events of the RP, when he fell asleep and landed on Tagg's head.

As of the Unova 2 Arc, Roc is staying near Goldenrod, training Shahinne in Endeavor and Whirlwind. He also skyraids the National Park every once in a while to keep his instincts sharp, but doesn't nom anymon. He gets his food from the PEFE Storage rooftop in the city, just like Copahue and Harriet do.

During the Kalos Arc, Roc stays with Silent and Shahinne, trying to train the chick in her movelist; however that quickly goes nowhere during the season. He does not take part in any of Silent's battles during that time period. Roc is present when Shahinne gets a [bag of souls] form Yveltal. At the end of the arc, Roc gets back to Tagg.


Roc is a caring but very stern Pokémon. However, as mentioned before, he is also extremely lazy and has been known to ignore orders from people not named Tagg when he doesn't feel like battling. At times he can forget that Tagg isn't by himself as often anymore, as when he brought a dead Buneary into his hotel room while Jane was there, and in the AU when he brought in a dead Raticate into Tagg's house.


  • Birthday: May 30, 2007
  • Age: 11
  • Met: Route 202, Sinnoh (Starly)
  • Ability: Intimidate
  • Ball: Poke

Battle Strategy

Roc has tremendous physical strength and can, under the effect of Gravity, toss and flip a table Metagross without breaking a sweat. His strength also translates into protective capability, as when he dulled the boosted Comet Punch from said Metagross by using his wings. His heightened sight and hearing, even by Staraptor standards, are also a major asset when in combat.

Known Techniques

  • TypeNormal.gif Endeavor, Round, Whirlwind.
  • TypeBug.gif U-Turn
  • TypeFighting.gif Close Combat.
  • TypeFlying.gif Brave Bird, Defog, Fly, Peck, Air Slash.
  • TypePsychic.gif Agility
  • TypeSteel.gif Steel Wing
  • TypeWater.gif Rain Dance

If Roc were to learn Hidden Power, its type would be TypeGrass.gif, as learnt in Anistar City.


  • Roc is the father of Shahinne, who was fathered for Silent via Ditto. Where did the Starly get the energy and initiative which Roc seems to so egregiously lack, is a mystery to all.
  • Roc often uses Gaia's tree as a sleeping perch.


  • Helped Tagg win the Sinnoh League.
  • Is a dad :3.
  • Scared some Silly Pidgeys at the PEFE HQ in one of the habitats (post #110438).
  • Was a member of Team Skyclaw.
  • Defeated and captured a criminal duo in PMD-A with assistance from Salamence the Altaria.
  • Stopped a Golurk uprising in Unova-B offscreen.



In the Suocéverse

In the Suocéverse continuity, Roc[㏜] guest-stars in the preliminary release of Built for Risk[㏜] (link) as Tagg's lead Pokémon to confront Inka in one of the semifinal matches shown in the story. Among other techniques, he's seen using Close Combat and Defog. In that continuity, he's stated to have been one of the Pokémon who cleared the Unovan Presidential House of invaders in a raid that took place shortly after the events of G2/G4.

Just like in the WAAPT continuity, Roc in the Suocéverse is the father of Shahinne.

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