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Ichtacya is a wandering Leafeon attached to Silent's team from the Orange Islands arc onwards.

Species / Morph Leafeon
Gender Female
Nature unknown
Age Info ~7 yr old
Poké Ball Poké?
Obtained by Trading program at Vermillion City, year 5 After PEFE
Ability Leaf Guard (info)


Battle Technique

Known Moves

  • TypeGrass.gif Razor Leaf, Energy Ball (by TM), Synthesis, Grass Knot (by TM), Solarbeam (learnt by undocumented means)
  • TypeBug.gif X-Scissor
  • TypeDark.gif Bite
  • TypeFire.gif Sunny Day (TM by Wolf)
  • TypeGround.gif Sand Attack
  • TypeNormal.gif Natural: Tail Whip, Tackle, Helping Hand, Quick Attack, Swords Dance, Flail (bred); TM: Façade; Others: Captivate (by undocumented means), Flash (by undocumented means)
  • TypeSteel.gif Iron Tail (TM from Silent)

Moves yet to be learnt: Grasswhistle, Magical_Leaf, Giga_Drain, Strength, Leaf_Blade, Knock_Off (tutored), Fury_Cutter (tutored), Aerial_Ace (TM), Headbutt (tutored), Mud-Slap, Roar, Echoed Voice (TM), Nature Power (TM) Miasma Wind.

Ichtacya's battle style consists of working shielded and upfront; she usually fires an Energy Ball or Razor Leaves to her opponent to force them to block then rushes ahead at them with X-Scissor, Iron Tail or a combination of the two. Sometimes she rushes behind her own Energy Balls to use them as cover to charge and aim moves such as Solarbeam. This style leaves her prone to being counter-hit, and she has a relatively low evasion factor compared to her peers (in Silent's team, she's the second mon with the worst evasion only behind Dintel).


The Orange Islands

Kalos and Later

Come Hoenn CONFIRMED, Ichtacya accompanies Silent's team in their trip to the region. However she is a bit baffled at being treated mostly as a tracking mon and at being cast aside as a potential team leader while Maekrite gets up to power.

In the AU

Ichtacya lived at a forest pyramid in an unnamed region south of Angela, where she and other Leafeon were taken care of by the locals. But everything changed when the Scolemis Forces attacked. When her Trainer was killed, she and two other Pokémon went underground as mercenaries completing various missions and getting resources to keep the pyramid protected.

Eventually though the three Pokémon had to leave for better ventures and thus reached Angela. When they reach there a group of Pokémon contacted the trio with an offer, but they said the offer was only valid for the team's Salamence. Irked and puzzled at the mysterious offer, the trio start trailing a group of dragons who are digging a site; Ichtacya eventually finds out that a group of dragons are trying to retrieve some sort of archaic magic device, but she and her group are found and chased away.

A couple of weeks later, Salamence is caught in an ambush and Ichtacya hears a rumor that he is going to be executed as "an example to dragonkind". Before she can figure out what is going on, the Dragon Clans rise against the Pokémon world using the magic device to turn every human into Pokémon. In the ensuing weeks of battle Ichtacya and Zangoose try their best to locate the place where Salamence is being held prisoner.

In the unaltered timeline that results into PMD-B, Ichtacya and Zangoose manage to infiltrate a draconic labor camp and rescue Salamence. The three of them then manage to destroy all the equipment the dragons in the area were working for and make an escape to the south, back to the Pyramid so that they can fetch its resources. Unfortunately, when they were just exiting the location equivalent to the Real World's El Paso, they were ambushed; Ichtacya received lethal injuries and didn't live enough to reach the Border.

In the altered timeline that runs as the Return to AU Arc her fate after Salamence is captured is unknown. It is suggested that in this timeline she at some point met Chilliwack and grew fond of him.

In the Borderline-Uprising AU

The GS Celebi mentions during her musings about the Draconic Treason that she had gathered seven Pokémon, later known as the Seven Arbiters, to take out the leaders of the dragon clans before they could handle the rising against the Pokémon World. Celebi mentions that their missions were successful and all heads of the dragon clans were exemplary executed or maimed in battle, but laments that of her group "the Leafeon female" was the only one to not return alive.

It is unknown why Celebi chose Ichtacya for the group in this timeline, which Dragon Leader Ichtacya fought against, or whether she counted with the assistance of Salamence and Zangoose in the battle.

In Silent's Ficverse

In this continuity she is not affiliated to Silent and co., and instead is the walksguard of the Isla Triángulo sanctuary, one of the various resting and hiding spots for legendaries like Rayquaza. She's attached to a Trainer named Ibrina, survivor of the military massacre behind the creation of Pokefutures, and has Foreign!mence and Foreign!oose as team partners.

Ichtacya's trainer is on very friend-with-benefits-ly terms with Aster, a young Fighting-Type Gym Leader of the region, who very coincidentally has a male Jolteon on his team. The two Eeveelutions get along romantically better than their trainers do, despite the physical and social distance.

  • In Pseudo Legendary (link), one of her usual double-date escapades with Aster, one of the Emisre Gym Leaders and his Jolteon, are described.
  • In Project CARDINAL (TBA), she is identified as one of the various wild Pokémon (mistaken for one) who have given free passage through the former realm of Rienna to the saboteur "S".

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