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Teala is a Dragonspiral Druddigon that joined Tracer's team.

Species / Morph Druddigon
Gender Female
Nature unknown
Age Info ~5 yr old
Poké Ball Poké Ball
Obtained by Capture near the Dragonspiral Tower

Of all the Druddigon guarding the Dragonspiral Tower, Teala was not really top percentage, she wasn't medium percentage either. Despite putting her heart into it she was met with failure when she tried to fulfill her roles as a guardian, and her confidence sharply fell. Considered a failure by the others of her kind, she left the premises of the tower and eventually appeared before Tracer's team.

When Pierce is taken to the Johto Nidoran Colony to be trained by the Owsla, Teala requests to Silent if she can join too. The trainer agrees and leaves the Druddigon and the Jolteon under Maekrite's care. In the colony Teala goes under intensive training that boosts her confidence, and eventually she ends up battling Inka.

Some time during the team's visit to Bluescale, Teala acquires a Nidorino Plushie. She also confesses her growing feelings for Maekrite, who admits feeling pretty much the same but being unable to reply in kind because of being committed already. Still, they remain in very good terms and Teala gains a good lot of confidence from her experience during her visit to the Colony and to PMD-B.

The AU

It is releaved during the trip to PMD-B, when they find a cluster of Druddigon living near the Golden Forests, that in that timeline Maekrite and Teala got together and sired an undetermined amount of offspring that would over the course of the centuries migrate from DST.

After the Draconic Uprising begins, Teala is surprised to meet Maekrite and a now monified Silent, when the pair arrive to the DST moats as refugees and looking for information from Reshiram and Zekrom. After Maekrite is taken prisoner for fighting the local guards, he is assigned to Teala's guard group for community service.


  • "Guardianshipping": Teala/Maekrite. Is actually canon in the AU's near future as evidenced in PMD-B.
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